When animals attack: ‘Slugs’ (1988)

Tagline:They ooze. They Slime. They kill.
Original Title: Slugs, muerte viscos
Released February 1998

For the second installment of The Liberal Dead’s look at the animal attack sub-genre, we will be taking a look at the 1988 Juan Piquer Simon (Pieces, The Pod People) film Slugs. Based on a 1982 Shaun Hutson novel by the same title, the film revolves around a rural community that becomes over run by carnivorous slugs. Unforgettably cheesy dialog, graphic gore, and a ton of laughs make this a must experience flick for fans of old-school 80s splatter.

This is most certainly one of those, so good its bad type of flicks. Best viewed with friends and perhaps some sort of mind-altering substance. The dialog is so hilariously poorly written and delivered that it is impossible to walk away from this film without memorizing some lines for future use in awkward conversations. One of the most strangely composed conversations being one that takes place between Mike Brady (Michael Garfield) and Kim Brady (Kim Terry) about the passing of some so called adored friends.

Kim Brady: Did you hear? About Harold and Jean Morris? Mike Brady: Nope, why? Kim Brady: They are dead. Mike Brady: Ah, come on now…  Kim Brady: Yeah, I heard it on the news. There was some sort of explosion in their greenhouse. They were both inside. Mike Brady: Wha-Wait a second how’d this happen? Kim Brady: No one knows. Mike Brady: Ah, Jesus. They were nice people. I liked them a lot. Kim Brady: I know, I did too. Mike Brady: [long pause as Brady looks down at the garden] so what are you doing out here anyway?

Slugs also features one the funniest death in horror movie history, a chain of events that start simply with a man putting on a gardening glove, that escalates into an highly complex domino effect death sequence that would make even Rube Goldberg proud. While this movie is very humorous, it is also has a large number of authentically cringe worthy scenes that are sure to leave some viewer’s stomachs churning. A beautiful example of 80s practical effects, there is no shortage of blood and latex found within the movies running time.

Slugs, truly is a perfect blend of just the right amount of laughs and gross out moments, creating a classic b movie experience packed full of good times. Leaving behind a wake of bodies and mayhem in its slimy snail trail, this genre classic can currently be viewed via Netflix instant view.

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