Welcome To The Streaming Dead!

It’s probably no surprise that we at The Liberal Dead are huge fans of Netflix Instant. Not necessarily because we believe in the Netflix business plan (*cough* Qwixster *cough*), but because we love being able to stream movies in (mostly) HD for a low price. It gives us a good excuse to watch some stuff we would never dream of putting effort into seeing, and it enables us to see some stuff that we simply can’t afford to purchase or that may not be available for easy rental.

That being said, since we utilize Netflix Instant so much around here, and because we know that many of our readers do too, we are proud to introduce a new, regular column here on the site (which just so happens to be the one you are reading now): The Streaming Dead.

The goal here is to give our readers a quick summary of a few Horror-related titles that have recently been added to Netflix Instant, along with a few recommendations:

  1. A pick from the recent additions that you should be sure to catch.
  2. A pick from the existing library that you may have overlooked.
  3. A pick that is expiring soon that you should give a shot before it disappears from the service.

These columns aren’t going to feature full-on reviews or elaborate detail on the films. Instead, you can expect some quick info on what’s new, along with short descriptions the movies that were picked for each column as recommendations and a brief rundown of why you should check them out.

So, now that you know what the column is all about, be sure to keep an eye out for our first offering, which should be up very soon!