V/H/S is Out On VOD. It Should Also Be Hanging on Your Wall!!!

I think everyone knows how I feel about V/H/S. I’ve been espousing the “little terror that could” since I first layed my eyeballs on it. Well now that it’s been released on VOD, Magnet Releasing has seen to it that we get a chance to win a little piece of the pie.

From Magnet:

V/H/S is now on available on VOD and for its VOD release we want to run a fun contest where your users “show us their tapes!” It’s simple to way to win a VHS poster. We just need people to tweet to following  “Hey @MagnetReleasing, I want to win a #VHSmovie @theliberaldead prize, feast your eyes on this #showusyourtapes” and tweet pic for their favorite VHS Tape.

So that’s it. You may be seeing this contest spread around the web and with good reason. It’s absolutely fun and let’s face it, that damn poster gives us VHS/VCR geeks a massive nerd chubby. Make sure to read our review of VHS HERE. It’s a choose your own adventure review so have fun with some of the strange places these links might take you.

Try your luck at one of the most iconic posters of the year. Tweet your balls off (or whatever you got now) and while you’re at it make sure you comment with your favorite VHS cover box below. We’d love to hear what makes your gonads go gaga!


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