Unique And Original Animation, Fresh Off The Grill: A Review Of Bob’s Burgers Season One. Now available on DVD

These days the adult oriented animated series is far from a rare occurrence, though at the same time the majority of these series’ that are thrown at us on both network and cable television lack one key element that is crucial to being a true success, that key element is originality. Where so many other animated shows in this day and age fail to deliver overall as well as bring something unique and original to the table, I feel Bob’s Burgers is a rare piece of adult animation that really gives us what we all have been at least subconsciously hoping for, delivering something critically different from the standard in animation today, while still pleasing even the common folk with less expectancy in the material they consume. In short, it has something for everyone. ‘Bob’s Burgers’ is definitely a winner in my book.

The basic synopsis of the series is a family of five that run a burger joint, ironically placed between a Crematorium and another building which is occupied by a new tenant operating a new business every week. If you pay attention during the opening credits, you will see a new business name added to the building each week, which is a perfect example of the subtle charm the show adds whereas most animated shows feel the need to throw everything directly in your face and subsequently wave it around for a few moments just to make sure you got the point.

The series’ main focus is obviously on the character of Bob (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, probably best known for supplying the voice of Ben Katz on Dr. Katz as well as the voice of Sterling Archer on the current running FX animated series ‘Archer’) who has to deal with running a burger restaurant (who’s employees consist of his wife and three children naturally) as well as all of the other mishaps and adventures that come hand in hand with being a father as well as a business proprietor. His family consists of his wife Linda, as well as his three children, Tina, Gene and Louise. The family goes through all kinds of mishaps each week, from rumors that the restaurant is serving burgers made of human flesh (above the standard four percent allotted by the health board), to Bob being trapped in the wall during a visit from Linda’s parents, as well as Gene entering a mascot competition in his burger outfit. 406
So to summarize in short, with so many of today’s adult oriented animated programs being so repetitive and lagging anything original or new (god forbid people use some creativity or strive for some semblance of originality) Bob’s Burgers is a welcome breath of fresh air to the genre. I highly recommend everyone at least give the show a shot.

Bob’s Burgers is created by Loren Bouchard (creator of Dr. Katz and Home Movies). The first season of the series is available to purchase on DVD now via Fox Home Entertainment, and is also currently airing its sophomore season on Fox, Sundays at 8:30/7:30c. The show is also available in SD & HD via itunes for those who prefer their animation in HD as this was unfortunately another animated series created and broadcast in HD that was for some reason not given a Blu Ray release for the first season set.

Features on the discs are as follows:

·         Bobs Burger’s Audio Outtakes – Stars H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal and the rest of the gang go off script and fill you up with hilarious uncensored dialogue!

·         Louise and the Burger Menu (Story Extension) – Very funny piece about how Louise names the “burger of the day” with custom animation and voice over (Kristen Schaal)

·         Bob’s Burgers Original Demo with Intro by Loren Bouchard – This is the “studio pitch piece” and Loren’s explanation on the process and changes of the characters and casting

·         Lifting up the skirt of the Night – Music video inspired by an original song from the series

·         Audio Commentaries