TORONTO AFTER DARK SUMMER SCREENING RECAP: Dead Air Ep. 18 – Juan of the Dead and The Pact

In this installment of the Dead Air podcast Jeff Konopka and Kirk Haviland of Entertainment Maven review two films from the Toronto After Dark Summer Screenings which happened June 27th and July 11th, the precursor to the Toronto After Dark Film Festival coming this October. This will be a two part podcast starting with The Pact and Juan of the Dead and to be followed in the coming weeks by a separate podcast featuring Detention and V/H/S.  The guys will talk about the festival in general, why you need to make itToronto (film fest capital ofCanada and maybe the world) and why you need to check out all the After Dark features whether at the festival or upon their DVD release.

The guys will make sure to stay away from spoilers throughout the episode due to the limited release of these features. This will be a good introduction to these films and a way to get a taste for the kinds of films one might expect to view at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival proper.

Now on to the reviews and what to expect on this edition…


Both Jeff and Kirk agree that this is a pretty good film although the ending might leave you feeling a little “what the fuck”. Some times the movie has a twist. Some times the movie twists you. Sometimes the movie twists itself.  Jeff enjoyed the music and pay attention to the lead actress. Maybe try to avoid the rest of the cast or at least one individual (tune in to find out who that might be). Both guys give it a 6 out of 10 (or so). Find out more by listening.


Kirk has a deeper connection to this film than Jeff having traveled toCuba. The film impacted him deeply and his opinion of the film is shaped by the experience. Both host and guest enjoyed the film including some rather clever kills, the fact that it’s a socially/political conscious and a nice spin on the ever present/all consuming zombie subgenre  that puts it above the zombie boom. It isn’t Shaun of the Dead though you will definitely notice some similarities. Listen in to get the full skinny on this soon to be fan favorite flick that had the full support of the Cuban government.

As we’ve stated before the Toronto After Dark Summer Screenings is a precursor to the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Films for the full festival that take place at the end of October will be up soon. If you can make it toCanada at the end of October, this will be a must see affair. Nine nights of horror movies that you have minimum to no chance to see on a the big screen otherwise… this is no brainer if you have the means.

You can find Kirk’s reviews of The Pact, Juan of the Dead and V/H/S at Entertainment Maiven.

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More John Carpenter on the way soon and a feature on the Total Recall remake. In October, Jeff will be making his way to the After Dark Film Festival to give a full Konopsis (see what I did there), highlighting films, the event itself and the Darkade. You won’t want to miss a single word. It’s gonna be a smorgasbord of material that you’ll need to see.

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The trailer for the 2010 Toronto After Dark Film Festival… just to give ya a little taste.

Make sure to stop by the Toronto After Dark Film Festival site to get familiar with the event and plan your trek.



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