Theatrical Poster – The Green Inferno


I know it isn’t cool among the horror hipsters to like Eli Roth, but I do. He hasn’t made a film that I have disliked. Even the newer film that he produced and starred in, Aftershock, people hated. I thought it was awesome, personally. It entertained me, and that is what I expect from a piece of entertainment. Roth is working with pretty much the same crew for his newest directorial effort, so I have high hopes, even though I have no doubts that it will be a movie that you’ll gain street cred for bashing. We don’t get too many cannibal movies these days, at least not in the classic sense. If anyone can do justice to the dirty Italian cannibal pictures that have clearly inspired this film, it’s Eli Roth. The Green Inferno hits theaters on September 5th. I have a feeling it will be a limited affair with a VOD release to coincide, but I can’t find any further information at this time.

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  • Vault_Master

    It’s pretty much a remake of Cannibal Holocaust right?

    • Shawn Savage

      No, not really. It’s just in the vein of classic Italian cannibal films.