• Dan Clausen

    I think Ti West is an underrated filmmaker, House of the Devil was a great movie and Cabin Fever 2 could have been if not for the studio interference.

    • Valerie Baer

      Hi Dan.

  • Caleb McCandless

    I loved West’s House of the Devil, and I found The Innkeepers to be a well told ghost story with some fun atmosphere. I loved how this film mixed some down to earth humor in with genuine scares, and I love how West toys with genre expectations while still delivering on them, if only in the last few moments. Also, if she keeps making solid films, I may start to develop a crush on Sara Paxton.

  • http://facebook-anthonycooney Anthony Cooney

    I think Ti-West is amazing his films are a breath of fresh air in film making now. Each film he works on gets better and better and keeps me always wanting more. The Innkeepers was an amazing story that brought a bit of old classic horror ,but a spin to the present. Ti West is making his foot prints felt in the film business. Thanks for all your amazing work Ti.

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/50506169943/ Dale Robert Swift

    I thing Mr West is improving -I did not like House of the Devil, but INNKEEPERS in going to be on my top 10 releases for 2012 -I need it in my blu ray collection!

  • Sutton Smith

    After watching The House of the Devil I grew to really appreciate Ti West, he really loves Horror and understands what Horror fans like. While Cabin Fever 2 fell short I am excited to see The Innkeepers and know Mr. West has a promising career ahead of him.

  • dan c

    ti west is a great film maker i think he is very underrated . i really like this slow paced style of his movies. house of the devil is amazing and cabin fever 2 wasnt terrible but from alot of stuff ive read it was due to alot of other issues but it was still a fun movie in the long run. though not technically horror i though trigger man was decent as well. i make it a point to see anything he is involved with so i cant wait to see v/h/s/ and his contribution to the abcs of death

    • Chaz Walter

      I think that Ti West is an extremely talented filmmaker. He has a very unique style, and knows how to build tension without being slow or uninteresting. That is not an easy thing to accomplish in film. I haven’t seen ‘The Innkeepers’ yet, but can’t wait to do so.

    • Mike Schneider

      Ti West’s work shows his love for those that came before him. It’s interesting that he pays homage to both the good and bad elements. The expression loyal to a fault comes to mind. Often his films are so loyal to an aesthetic that he also appropriates the flaws. His work is great because it reminds of of other films and film makers we already love. Watching his work, part of me always sort of wishes he would take the good without the flaws… but then I realize that with these movies audiences can rarely agree which is which.

  • Mary Bart

    I loved the InnKeepers and House of the Devil! I am looking forward to seeing what Ti West does next 🙂
    Thanks for the Dvd Giveaway contest!

  • Steve

    Ti West is a great modern horror director. HOUSE OF THE DEVIL was quite inspiring as a first major feature and INNKEEPERS is excellent too! Hope I win!!

  • Dustin Baco

    I’ve only seen Mr. West’s ‘House of the Devil’, but I am a massive fan of it. I own both the blu-ray and the clamshell VHS versions, and I specifically watched the VHS last Halloween on the old CRT television in my basement. I was absolutely enthralled with the film, being a big ’80’s horror nerd. I was shocked to discover on my first viewing that West’s film looked like a lost film from the era in which it was set. The entire experience was pitch-perfect, honestly. And West gets a big thumbs up from me for including Greg Kihn’s ‘The Break-Up Song’.

    I’d say based on the one film of his I’ve seen that I have a pretty high opinion of the man. In a genre that’s increasingly dominated by toothless mediocrity, Ti West is doing something right.

  • Michael

    I think Ti is a great filmmaker. He is the only filmmaker worth noting that actually captured the feel of an 80s flick sucessfully with House of the Devil and creating a perfect homage to those films of that era.

  • http://www.sonofcelluloid.com Nathan Hamilton

    I’ve only seen 2 of Ti West’s flicks. I loved House of the Devil, and I thought Cabin Fever 2 sucked. I need to see this one to break the Ti…I mean tie.

  • Valerie Baer

    The House of The Devil was fantastic. It was kind of slow, but not once did it lose your interest. I think Ti West is creative and you can really tell his appreciation and understanding of the horror genre. I have yet to see Cabin Fever 2, and I might just skip it. I know without even watching Cabin Fever 2 that it can’t be as bad as people say just by seeing Ti West’s potential in one movie. I would love to watch his other films because he is fantastic.

  • http://hellford667.wordpress.com/ Ingo Holtorf

    Well, Ive only seen Cabin Fever 2, to be honest..and I liked it…I will watch Innkepers soon, absolutely on my list. Plus, the new one V/H/S sounds cool and im looking forward to that as well…
    Overall, I think he is someone that contributes good things to the genre.

  • Jon H.

    I think Ti West is a great Filmmaker with a great career to come. house of the devil was one of the best hororr films in the last decade. I’m excited to see any and all Ti West projects in the future.

  • Morgan

    I like what ive seen so far from Ti West. i love the pacing and the buildup of his films. his films leave me scared without having to showing a ton of gore, which is impressive.

  • http://alexislegend.com Alex

    Ti West is a supremely talented filmmaker. The Roost was a solid start to his career. The House of the Devil is one of my favorite horror films in years. Cabin Fever 2 came out fairly well, considering the production troubles. The Innkeepers looks to be another phenomenal effort. I’m excited to check out V/H/S and The ABCs of Death soon!

  • Vishnu

    i’m really curious to watch West grow as a film maker. As much as everyone loved house of the Devil i loved how Cabin Fever 2 showed that he can mix it up with different types of horror and get really splattery if he wants to.

  • Stephen N.

    I love Ti West. He has this originality that he brings to his film making that is so refreshing! I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the future!

  • Spencer K

    Ti West is the best thing to come to the horror world in years. His style is incredible and I love his attention to detail. The way he creates true suspense in his films is just great.

  • Steve

    I thought House of the Devil was fantastic – among the best horror films of the past decade. I feel West would be a perfect candidate for a Halloween reboot, his style and mix of suspenseful scares and violence and pacing is perfect, and very reminiscent of Carpenter’s original. I haven’t seen Inkeepers yet, but would live to ASAP! I think West is one of the best modern genre filmmakers, and look forward to every project he’s attatched to.

  • Richard Lynn

    I am a big Ti West fan. Of the 4 films I’v seen of his, I’v loved them all. I’d say The Innkeepers is my favorite so far. The way he tells us a story is what makes him stand out as a director to me. House of the Devil was so intense with suspense it had me on the edge of my seat. I also like Cabin Fever 2, and even though West doesn’t want to be associated with it, I still liked the film. I also though it was awesome how in The Roost he did the old horror host theme. I can’t wait to see what he does next!!

  • adam roberts

    80s sensibilities… From music, to color to how he edits. It just feels nostalgic. I love it and his horror revival! Would love to add this my collection!

  • Jeff Rego

    I like Ti West for what he brings back to horror: Slow-building suspense, and three-dimensional characters you really grow to care about.

  • Jason Walsh

    I think Ti West is a great horror director with many great films to come. We definately need to support great horror movies like the Innkeepers so with get more of them.

  • http://talesofthegeeklanterncorps.blogspot.com/ Brian L.

    I really like Ti West as a filmmaker and think he doesn’t get enough attention. He’s doing horror better that most working directors and makes interesting films to boot.

    email: TheUncannyHavok@yahoo.com

  • Sean Laughery

    Ti West, in his short time as a director so far, has proven himself to be on the verge of mastering the craft. He builds suspense better than anyone else in the game right now and is poised to make a true mark among horror legends.

  • http://www.optphoto.com optphoto

    I feel Ti West takes things back to an age before horror movies became glorified music videos. His films have you invest time getting to know the characters without bombarding the viewer with typical horror cliches.

  • Brian

    I personally think Ti West is a great filmmaker. The House of the Devil and the Innkeepers are some of my favorite movies in recent memory. It seems like he’s one of the only people around currently that is still making movies that remind me of all the classics I watched growing up.

  • Travis Wayne Hurt

    Based on House of The Devil & The Innkeepers I think Ti West is the type of filmmaker that wants to tell a great original story (in a very entertaining way) while acknowledging the history of horror movies in general. Ti is incredible at drawing sitations out to a point, where when the delivery or culmination of the moment happens, it has the most effect that it could possibly have.

  • thom

    i think west’s work on THE INNKEEPERS was phenomenal. it makes me look forward to his future catalogue. i also find him as an actor, to be very fun. his role in YOU’RE NEXT was both funny, and surprising. he’s a talent to keep watch of.

  • Stephen D

    I love ti west as a filmmaker because he has a great vision for horror film and I am excited to see his future as a director.

  • Brandon F.

    I think Ti West is a phenomenal filmmaker. He is like a modern day mix between Hitchcock and John Carpenter. The slow burn horror is what I love.


  • http://andrewfunsucks.blogspot.com Andrew Rogers

    Not only have I enjoyed Mr. West’s films, but I appreciate the kind of filmmaker he aspires to be. He’s honest about what his goals with his films has been and where he could have changed things up. This is something that all filmmakers should do. Unfortunately few are as open. Some of my favorite episodes of Doug Loves Movies (a hilarious podcast, check it out if you’re uninitiated) have Ti on the panel. He knows a lot about movies, is funny, and is straight-forward. How is that not endearing? A lot of newer filmmakers also don’t live up to their promises. I’ve read dozens of interviews with upcoming directors where they claim to want to bring back old-fashioned sensibilities, or make films scary again, or make films that say something. Ti West is one of the only rising directors that I feel is doing that. The House of the Devil is a hallmark example of excellent framing and movement, constantly and gradually building suspense. It also blends moods from all eras to make a fascinating 21st century pastiche. The Innkeepers takes timeless haunted house creepiness and combines it with a more modern aimless youth dilemma to create something both unique and familiar. Best of all, it has something to say about goalless kids and lethargy in today’s society.

  • Andrew Wardman

    Cabin Fever 2. Best film ever. See it!

  • bill norris

    to tell the truth this movie kinda opened my eyes to his directing. im gonna have to research more into him now.

  • http://www.twitter.com/anonymousmanc Jason

    I’d describe Ti as an accomplished film maker with a bright future. He is definitely on my list of directors to keep an eye out for.

  • http://www.twitter.com/kdktwelve Ashley Wolfe

    Ti West is the director the horror genre has been waiting for. Both House of the Devil and The Innkeepers were perfectly timed. Tensions are sky high in both. The first time I saw both films, my palms were sweating and my stomach was in knots. Ti West brings out everything I love in a scary movie. The ghosts in The Innkeepers are what nightmares are made of. I know when can expect many more wonderful works from Ti.

  • Ray

    Ti West has quickly become one of my favorite “New Age” filmmakers. I’ve been a fan of the slow burn style of Horror movies for years and I’d have to agree with Kristy (in her interview over on Freddy In Space), Mr. West pulls off this masterfully. Truly an underrated filmmaker that has a bright future if he keeps up what he does best.

    E-mail: raymorse@gmail.com

  • john knight

    I agree Ti West is an underrated filmmaker, House of the Devil was a great movie as was Cabin Fever 2.I am looking fwd to The Innkeepers.good luck all.

  • Daniel M

    really liked cabin fever 2!

  • Jennifer

    Ti West’s House of the Devil is dead on for the eighties look and feel. He could not have gotten any closer. I should know, I’m a child of the eighties and what a decade for horror it was! I am absolutely psyched to see The Innkeepers as theaters near me got utterly dissed! They were all to far away so I didn’t get a theater view.

  • Ronald Oliver

    I think Ti West is the one to watch! With his throwback style to horror filmaking is something that alot of us FANS miss in todays horror films. It’s apparent that he draws inspiration on the classic horror movies of the 70s and 80s. But then he makes them feel fresh and new in the now, with his own unique touch. And I believe that he will get better with each new film he does.

  • AnnaZed

    Ti West is an unusual filmmaker for the genre, famous for the slow burn. His style actually fits with my own taste. I am much more enthralled by a building tension then by waves of gore. He references earlier filmmakers and styles in a way that can be very rewarding to watch. His is a ‘throw-back’ style without the posing, it’s very crisp. He creates environments that are very resonant and disturbing; the sets are characters in every single film. So far he’s moving peak to peak. I’m very impressed by him.

  • Nick Maddox

    Ti West is without a doubt one of the better original voices of horror working today. The House of the Devil may not be a perfect film, but what it shows is that Ti West has a unique eye for horror. His ability to create atmosphere and tension is incredible. I look forward to following his career for years to come.

  • Steven Fahrholz

    I have really enjoyed all the Ti West films I have seen (unfortunately,I haven’t got around to watching The Roost or Trigger Man yet). One thing I like about his films is that they have his personal stamp on them. You can tell you’re watching a West film by the pacing and the look of the film. There is enough variety in the projects he takes on that he doesn’t repeat himself,either. Another great thing (especially in The House Of The Devil and The Innkeepers) is the natural performances he gets from his actors. The horror and humorous elements are really helped by this approach.
    I’ve noticed that,among horror people on the internet,there is as much love as hate for his films. Whenever someone gets both extremes,it means they’re obviously doing something right. The complaints I have read about The Innkeepers makes me realize that a lot of people really didn’t get what type of movie they were watching. I would hope that anyone who has worked the unforgiving low-wage service-industry based jobs the main characters worked would enjoy it. The characterization was stronger in that movie than most movies out there currently. Great stuff!

  • http://www.backonlinebackonduty.com Eric King (@RobocopWeeps)

    I coulda swore I already entered this, but I’m not seeing it. I’m really sorry if I did and am just looking over it. Anyway, I dig Ti West’s sense of slow burning, tension building horror. I enjoy how he lets you just chill in his Universe for a while and get comfortable, allowing him to dump a load of crazy shit on you unexpectedly. I also adore how true his films appear when attempting to emulate a certain era or feel. While The House of the Devil is still my absolute favorite of West’s, I highly enjoyed The Innkeepers and need this limited edition in my life.

    Eric King


  • Lee Carter

    I have the camera style and the slow burn just like House of the Devil! Thanks Ti West for making this a fun/creepy movie!

    • Lee Carter

      I Love not “I have”…sorry

  • http://idlehands1.blogspot.com Paul Nicholasi

    I think Ti has mastered the slow creeping terror model and has brought back a brooding thoughtfulness to films we haven’t seen in some time. It’s an indie sensibility applied to a genre that is usually forced to go right for the throat! Also, he’s got a hell of a right hook.

  • Jonathan Drew

    Ti West is currently one of my favorite writer/director’s out there. His work is very inspirational in my own craft and he represents the genre in such a classic way that’s been missing for quite some time. The cinematography and themes he presents are so very Hitchcock-inspired and yet somehow he makes it his own. “House of the Devil” and “The Innkeepers” are perfect representations of this, and I can only hope one day to have the opportunity to work alongside his genius. Keep doing what you do, Ti. Cheers!!!

  • Jon Fassnacht

    I think he’s doing a great job “House of the Devil” was one of my favorite horror films from that year. I loved the vintage style and the way it felt. It really just hit me in the right spot,

  • Gaz Hardman

    House of the Devil was great, excellent retro horror, Cabin fever 2 was damn good highschool horror fun, now Ti has turned his hand to the creepy stuff, i hear good things about this and really wanna see it

  • Chris Kinniery

    Ti West is proving to be a young visionary that understands the subtle nuances of a good scare and how to bring a viewer on a ride of terror. It is not all shock and gore, but a delicate game of cat and mouse and Ti West just keeps getting better and better!!

  • allen

    The only flick I could watch by this guy is the roost, he overrated, why do people give this guy any money to make flicks, lucky mcgee, james wan and the rest of the names are far better, I felt my eyes bleeding with anything else he makes, sorry guys I don’t get him