The Fourth Kind

Since the 1960’s a very large number of the population of Alaska are reported missing every year. The FBI has launched thousands of separate investigations of the region. But still the truth remains unknown.

The Fourth Kind follows the story of psychologist Dr Abigail Tyler whose research would turn out to be some of the most terrifying and thought provoking evidence of alien abductions to date. After beginning the use of hypnosis on multiple residents of Gnome Alaska the discovery of some of the scariest video and audio footage of repressed memories of abductees would be made. When a UFO is sighted it is considered an encounter of the first kind, when evidence is collected, it is known as an encounter of the second kind. When contact is made with a life form is it considered the third kind. And then the most horrifying of them all is when a person is abducted which is known as an encounter of the fourth kind.

By combining the use of “real” archive footage blended in with the actual movie The Fourth Kind creates a level of uneasiness I haven’t felt from watching an Alien Abduction movie since Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Its presentation sticks to the facts and creates such an ultra realistic atmosphere it’s hard to believe you’re watching a movie and not a full on documentary at times. The acting by everyone involved is top notch and believable and because of that I found this film to be very intense at times. The editing and camera work is amazing and a very important part of the movie really adding to its ability to evoke emotion. I promise you after you watch this film you will be analyzing every out of the ordinary dream you have for many months to come. And never again will you look at an Owl without feeling the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. A real reason to fear what goes bump in the night I highly recommend The Fourth Kind to anyone interested in the phenomenon or anyone looking for a good scare.

5/5 -Ritualistic

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