The Dangers of Social Media: Antisocial (2013) Review


A group of college friends gather on New Years Eve for a party. Unaware that they are in for the sort of night, previously only known within their worst nightmares. Outside the comfort of their house, the world is falling to pieces as an unknown virus is spreading. Those infected showing the signs of bleeding from their nose, ears, extreme hallucinations, and violent aggression. With the use of Television, internet news, and social media. The group will soon join in with the rest of the world, watching, waiting, and ultimately doing their best to survive. Cody Calahan, brings you, Antisocial, intense, pressure cooker, technological terror done right.


Antisocial borrows from many other films, most notability, Pontypool, 28 Days Later, Cabin Fever, and Night of the Living Dead. But, instead of simply relying on the audience to feel a sense of nostalgic comfort. Director Cody Calahan weaves them together with some new interesting twists to create a very fun movie watching experience.

While many films have tried to tie in social media and make a statement in regards to the worlds clear addiction to it. Antisocial is the first to really pull it off in an interesting way, in my opinion. With clever uses of online sources to progress the story early on and to further add a level of despair to what is going on off camera later. Antisocial really shines when it comes to using our current state of society, where everyone with a phone or computer can become a potential journalist in times of crisis, to its full potential.


Antisocial takes awhile to pick up speed, but once it does the pace will be appreciated. The gradual rise of tension between those inside the house develops at such a perfect rate. By the time things really start to get intense, the pressure is already through the roof. Deep down inside you just know, that no matter which way the end plays out there is no such thing as a happy ending. Once the sickness gets inside, you just know you are in store for a pleasantly stressful ride. Similar to the feeling I got the first time I watched High Tension. The claustrophobic nature of the film also adds to the overpowering sense of dread that is quickly beat into your head.


Visually this movie has some truly beautiful moments. Once the gore starts to unfold you are treated to some pretty solid practical effects. I also appreciated the use of some rather original and eye catching camera shots. Look out for a scene involving Christmas lights and a dark hallway, pure eye candy. There are also moments of weirdness that will have you convinced you have stumbled upon a new film from David Cronenberg.

If you love weird, mind melting horror served with just enough gore to make you squirm. I highly recommend you give Antisocial a watch as soon as it releases. I had a great time watching this one progress from one sub genre to another and in such a smooth fashion. This is one of those rare occasions that I cross my fingers and hope for a sequel.

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