• HitchFan

    Awesome web site! Love the Alfred Hitchcock Hour! Unfortunately they don’t play the reruns on TV very often, but you can actually find over 80 episodes at DISHOnline! As a DISH customer/employee I get free access to this and tons of other great shows and movies! http://bit.ly/dJzWgo

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  • Gordon Sabaduquia

    Thanks for your comments and the clear synopsis. I agree with your assessment of this episode and the acting of Mr. Kennedy and Miss Thaxter as outstanding and exemplary of the series. The beautiful young woman, Rachel, is played by the then 20 year old Tisha Sterling, daughter of actor Robert Sterling (TV’s Topper series) and the wonderful actress Ann Sothern (Susie, The Ann Sothern Show). Ms. Sterling’s resemblance to her mother is quite striking. Both her father and mother played in episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

  • Fred Jones

    Really loved this episode too, and can’t bear to delete it from comcast! Arthur Kennedy was incredible. full of false joviality with his wife & others, but inside completely self serving & as cold as that basement. What a performance. The lonely beach shots were wonderfully done. I think 30 minutes would’ve been too short for particular show. One of the few episodes that was actually improved by the hour-long format. Phyllis Thaxter was also perfect. Royal Dano as the real estate guy was a hoot! Wow, what a joy to watch trained actors playing interesting roles. Wish Hitch had directed this one.