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Blu-ray Review – Afflicted (SONY)

Best friends Derek and Clif set out on a trip of lifetime. Their plan: travel to the ends of the earth, see the world, and live life to the fullest. But the trip soon takes a dark and bloody turn. Just days in, one of the men shows signs of a mysterious affliction which gradually takes over his entire body and being. Now, thousands of miles from home, in a foreign land, they must race to uncover the source before it consumes him completely. Footage meant to be travel memories may now become evidence of one of the most shocking discoveries ever captured on film…and perhaps will be their only postcard home. Continue reading

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Trailer – Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain – July 13th On FX

As a huge fan of ‘The Strain’ book trilogy written by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, I couldn’t possibly be more thrilled to see the series finally being brought to life and what better format and place for that … Continue reading

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John Carpenter Retro: Ep 19 – Of James Woods and VAMPIRES

So you say that the entire later half of John Carpenter’s career is a wash… You didn’t like Escape from L.A. no matter how fun it was and no matter how seriously you weren’t supposed to take it. You like … Continue reading

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Get Your Boots On, And Your Guns Ready – A Review Of Stake Land

It seems like I’ve been waiting for Stake Land for at least two years now. The moment I laid eyes on the first trailer, I knew that this was the vampire film that I had been waiting on. It’s hard … Continue reading

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The Rider of the Skulls (1965)

When a place like Cinemageddon declares something to be the “World’s Weirdest Western” they have a lot of credit to back them up—and gain even more when their movie is The Rider of the Skulls. An enigmatic western/monster movie, Rider … Continue reading

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Three new clips from IFC Midnight’s Vampires

We’ve got three new clips from the comedy Vampires, which hit VOD from IFC Midnight on July 1st. You can check out our previous post about this Hungarian flick here.

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IFC Midnight Announce VAMPIRES for VOD Starting July1st

No stranger to releasing relatively unknown, foreign genre flicks stateside, IFC Midnight have announced VOD distribution of Hungarian vampire satire VAMPIRES for streaming as of July 1st. I’m rather unfamiliar with this one so I will go ahead and quote … Continue reading

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All Fang and No Sparkle: Stake Land (2010) Review

A little over a year ago, a film titled DAYBREAKERS came out. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it, or even read about it here on this very site. It promised a post-apocalyptic vampire film with a seemingly intriguing premise, … Continue reading

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Vampires beware…Priest (2011)

Priest tells the story of a well respected and decorated priest (Paul Bettany), who played a big part in the war between humans and vampires. Now much of mankind live within towering walls cut off from the rest of the … Continue reading

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Fuckin’ Vampires – How Do They Work?

Do African-American vampires buy lower SPF Sunscreen than their Anglo brethren? Can vampires thaw out frozen blood in the microwave without health risks? Is severing limbs or hanging a victim upside down more conducive to draining blood? These and other … Continue reading

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Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones and Kat Von D star in THE BLEEDING!

Surrounded by dozens of blood-thirsty vampires, Shawn Black is in a race to save the world from pure evil… ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS THE BLEEDING Join The Hunt March 1st on DVD  

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Knuckle Supper Book Review

When the LA heroin-addicted vampire and gang leader named RJ reluctantly takes in a twelve year-old prostitute called Bait, humanity is introduced to his otherwise lifeless existence. An unforgiving, vicious and realistic horror story, “Knuckle Supper” explores chemical dependency, molestation, … Continue reading

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