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Blu-ray Review – Proxy (IFC)

In the last month of her pregnancy, Esther Woodhouse is savagely beaten in an alleyway by an unknown assailant and loses her baby. To aid in her recovery, she attends a support group for grieving parents where she meets Melanie, who claims her son and husband were killed by a drunk driver.

Esther and Melanie develop a friendship, but soon it becomes clear that both are harboring much darker secrets than they initially let on. And when both their lives are transformed by another shocking act of violence, they find that recovery may be impossible. Continue reading

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IFC Midnight Releases Almost Human To DVD & Blu-ray June 17th

This movie has had my interest since I first peeped the trailer that I have included below. I’ve heard some mixed reaction to the film, as it was recently released to VOD platforms, but after a trailer that awesome, I … Continue reading

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Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral Blu-Ray Review

Antiviral is the feature-length directorial debut from Brandon Cronenberg, son of David Cronenberg. David Cronenberg, for me, is easily one of the top five genre filmmakers of all time. While a lot of his films fit a similar pattern, he … Continue reading

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My, How Green You Are – A Blu-Ray Review Of Welcome To The Punch

For a lot of reasons, I hate blurbs on the cover of home video releases. Either the quote is taken from somebody, so desperately aiming to be quoted, or, it’s taken out of context, which has happened to even little … Continue reading

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Would You Rather Slice Your Eyeball With A Razor Or Watch Would You Rather? A Blu Ray Review.

For whatever reason, I’ve put off sitting down to watch Would You Rather, for as long as possible. In my younger years, I would dive into any low budget, independent film balls first, and ask questions later. As the economy … Continue reading

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10 New Stills From IFC’s ‘Maniac’ Remake Hack Their Way Online

10 new images from the upcoming remake to ‘Maniac’ have made their way online.  Continue on after the jump to check out the other 9 stills.

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Your Halloween Seasonal TV Preview (abridged) with Schedules

How seriously do you think I take Halloween? Well, I’m fairly frickin’ anal retentive anyway, so I need to book my viewing in advance. I mean I’ll deviate from my itinerary, but I at least need a plan. I can’t … Continue reading

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New Release Blu Ray Review – The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence Unrated Director’s Cut

Not many films develop the amount of hyperbole that surrounded The Human Centipede. Before the flick was even available to audiences, director Tom Six was touting it as one of the “sickest films of all time.” To be fair to … Continue reading

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Get Your Boots On, And Your Guns Ready – A Review Of Stake Land

It seems like I’ve been waiting for Stake Land for at least two years now. The moment I laid eyes on the first trailer, I knew that this was the vampire film that I had been waiting on. It’s hard … Continue reading

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Frightfest: A Review Of Kill List (2011)

London’s annual long weekend of gore and terror, Frightfest, is a mecca for UK and European horror fanatics. Sadly due to other commitments, this particular writer was only able to attend one afternoon’s worth of big screen thrills. Happily, from … Continue reading

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The Shrine Coming From IFC Midnight

It would seem that IFC Midnight have really putting forth the effort to get a good wide range of horror onto our screens of late. The latest is Canadian movie The Shrine which won Best Canadian Feature at the Fantasia … Continue reading

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All Fang and No Sparkle: Stake Land (2010) Review

A little over a year ago, a film titled DAYBREAKERS came out. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it, or even read about it here on this very site. It promised a post-apocalyptic vampire film with a seemingly intriguing premise, … Continue reading

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