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One Of The Best Blu-Ray Releases Of 2013 – A Review Of Scream Factory’s Day of the Dead Blu-Ray

To get it out of the way, I’m am going to alert you to the fact that Day of the Dead is not only my favorite Romero film, but quite frankly, I think it’s the best zombie film that has … Continue reading

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Night of the Living Dead re-enacted for real? A review of the meta-horror Memisis

Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead Blu-Ray Review Starring: Allen Maldonado, Lauren May Shafer, Jana Thompson, Gavin Grazer with Courtney Gains and Sid Haig. Written by Douglas Schulze and Joshua Wagner Directed by Douglas Schulze Mimesis, the word meaning ‘mimicry’ … Continue reading

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Synapse Release of Document of the Dead is Definitive (DVD Review)

You know… George Romero doesn’t get enough credit for inventing the modern zombie movie. Oh wait, yeah he does. In fact if there’s one thing you can be certain of, it’s that George will get tied to any discussion on … Continue reading

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Top 5 films to watch around Halloween – Movie Junkie TO’s list

Top 5 Films to watch around Halloween Movie Junkie TO (Kirk Haviland) Hello fellow Genre Heads! After seeing some of the other guys chime in on this subject I thought I would lend my voice to the argument. For me … Continue reading

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Document of the Dead from Synapse Coming Soon: Get It Before You Can’t This November!

Whether you are a Blu Ray junkie who requires the highest defintion possible for your rare acquisitions or you’re just a fan boy of the man who made zombies cool, Synapse has a product that is certain to be for … Continue reading

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FANGORIA Legends Presents George Romero: Magazine Undead

My first impression of Fangoria Legends Present George Romero was a post on FaceBook. I wasn’t taken with the cover, and quite honestly I asked myself more than once why we needed a full length retrospective on the great George … Continue reading

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True Horror Confession: I Hated Survival of the Dead: Introducing Jes Karakashian

Oh, George. What happened? I’ve been a George Romero fan for a long, long time, starting with Creepshow, which was probably my favorite movie ever as a kid. My favorite movie of all time? 1978’s Dawn of the Dead. Next … Continue reading

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