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My Unranked List Of Favorite Films From 2013 Chapter One

Every year we all make these “Best of” lists, and every year I bitch and moan about having to assign arbitrary rankings to the movies that I enjoyed. Actually, scratch that. Every year I bitch and moan about it, and … Continue reading

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Raining Blood And Chainsaw Copulation – An Evil Dead (2013) Blu Ray Review

If you spend any amount of time on the internet, which, for our sake, we hope you do, you already know that Sam Raimi’s 1981 classic The Evil Dead was “remade”. Not only did it have Sam Raimi and Bruce … Continue reading

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Dead Air: Episode 27 – EVIL DEAD – Should You See It?

And when the smoked cleared the box office was still standing and another horror movie captured the hard earned dollars of ticket-goers in 2013. But what of the move itself? Did they naysayers say their nays correctly? Did the cheerleaders … Continue reading

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DEAD ALREADY: – Ep. 16 of THE WALKING DEAD – Welcome to the Tombs

It’s over people. Season 3 of The Walking Dead has come to a close and we have questions. I will be the first to admit that this was not what I had in mind for a season finale though I … Continue reading

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The First Poster For ‘Evil Dead’ Is Here

I will admit i was extremely questionable about ‘The Evil Dead’ being remade, though after the insanity of the red band trailer that hit the web recently i must recant my previous feelings.  As opposed to dreading this films existence … Continue reading

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Jesse Bartel: Top 5 Films To Watch Around Halloween

Ah, yes, it is now the time of the year when horror movies finally get their due. All year round, the horror community keeps doing what they love but it isn’t until October that the world of gore is universally … Continue reading

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There Ain’t No Dancing Bears in this Podcast: Filmmaker Spotlight Ep. 2 – The Pierce Brothers

The second installment in the Filmmaker Spotlight series pits Jeff Konopka against the Brothers Pierce, sons of Bart Pierce creator of photographic special effects for Evil Dead and writer/director duo for the new zombie film Deadheads. If you would like … Continue reading

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DEADMAIL: Episode 1

Welcome to the first edition of DEADMAIL! I discuss shock horror, The Woman, and The Evil Dead remake. Also, the winner of the poster is announced!

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