SyFy’s Mothman

Yes you read the title correct I am in fact reviewing a SyFy original film. Mothman is very loosely based on the crypto we all have heard of by this point of our lives. Loosely as its based in point pleasant and the killer is the mothman other than that the story is basically throw out the door besides a mention of the bridge collapse. Now going into this movie I had very little hope that I would be good in any form. And my gut feelings couldn’t of been anymore right then they were. This movie is horrible from start to finish basically they claim the mothman returns to exact revenge for those who die before their time. A group of friends accidentally drown one of their friends and 4 years later when they all return to point pleasant the mothman returns to get revenge for the young boy who died all those years ago. The most amusing part of the story is the fact the mothman can only enter our world through reflective surfaces yes thats right unless there is something shiny around you are safe as can be. It makes me wonder how much money SyFy actually makes from these horrible attempts at films I honestly don’t understand how they can stay in business with all the horrible movies they put out each year. Save your self the pain and skip this one maybe their next random giant animal vs other random giant animal movie will be better but i doubt it.

Ritualistic 1/10