Strange Transmissions: Special Women in Horror Edition Featuring Razakel

In the early era of Horrorcore music there were very few female artists and most of them failed to get the equal respect they deserved when it came to their male counter parts. In 2006 this would all change with Razakel, the sickest female lyricist in the industry today, who would give birth to a new era of Horrorcore giving up and coming female MCs a strong and talented female artist to respect in a industry dominated by males.

In this special Women In Horror Month edition of Strange Transmissions we are going to take a look at the Queen of the wicked shit herself SKR’s very own Razakel.

My first exposure to Razakel was in 2007 with her album entitled “Murder Potion”, instantly I was hooked I remember the line “Listen up ya’ll I got a little story to tell, Straight out from the pierced lips of Razakel”,  being stuck in my head for days after hearing the track for the first time. At this point of my Horrorcore lifespan I was growing bored of the typical Psychopathic brand horrorcore that had quickly become a new underground fad of sorts, and was more into the deep underground where the music was still dark, brutal, and made no apologies. At this point I was already a fan of Sicktanick’s and SKR would quickly become my label of choice for Horrorcore after being blown away time and time again by their various artists. But when all was said and done, Razakel held the number one spot on my personal favorite horrorcore artists list.

In 2008, Razakel would return with her next album entitled “Madness & Despair” with such tracks as ” The Wicked Bxtch Is Back”, “Mane Sans Delire”, and one of my all time favorites “Isolated Feelings” it was clear that Razakel was here to stay and remain the Queen of the wicked shit for ages to come.

In 2009 Razakel and fellow female horrorcore MCs Smallz One, Lyssa Cer, and Ruby (18) would release an album entitled “The Bxtch Chronicles” a 14 track all female fronted horror classic. Tracks include “Wicked Bitches Represent”, “Dead Girlz” and “Lethal Ladies” no longer was this industry a boys only club, as the number of highly talented female MCs had been growing rapidly.

2009 would also bring her next solo album entitled “Femicide” one of the sickest horrorcore records to ever be released 25 tracks of pure wicked shit from the still reigning supreme Queen of horrorcore. My favorite tracks on this record would have to be “Watch Out”, “Black Bags & Heart Shaped Stickers” and “Pieces”. With each album her lyrics only continued to get stronger and more personal, when you listen to the words of Razakel its clear that she’s in this industry for the love of it and not to get paid a true artist and master of her craft.

It’s only fitting that her music be featured during Women in Horror Month, as the innovator of female fronted Horrorcore. If you are not familiar with her music or Serial Killin Records be sure to visit their official page

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