Strange Transmissions: Razakel “Muerta” (2012)

The Queen of the wicked shit, Razakel, has returned with a brand new full-length album featuring 22 tracks of the sickest horrorcore to ever grace the genre. Easily this is the best produced horrorcore release I have heard to date, showcasing some authentically mind blowing lyrics, proving once and for all who the illest female MC of them all truly is. “Muerta” officially dropping on July 31st, is by far Razakel’s most solid contribution to the genre, over the years she has mastered her craft to a degree that makes her stand out above other similar artists. Just like every other SKR release this record further innovates the genre, rising the bar multiple notches, creating the new standard for quality horrorcore.

Within moments of pressing play, I found myself uncontrollably bobbing my head back and forth in rhythm to the beat. As I progressed down the track list, I found myself being sucked deeper and deeper into the albums message that screams “female MCs have not only become equals in the genre, but have also surpassed many of their male counter parts and due to nothing shy of their own determination, commitment and love of the genre”. As a long time fan of Razakel, I had very high expectations for this record and they were all met and far surpassed, reminding me of all the reasons I first became hooked on the label to begin with. Between all the clever uses of serial killer and horror references, to the jaw dropping delivery of each line “Muerta” is sure to quickly become a genre favorite, serving as a giant middle finger to any haters out there that have any doubt that SKR will rise.

Once again, this release features great use of dubstep and electronica influences and who would of thought that Two Clipz had such an impressive singing voice. Razakel’s voice blending with Two Clipz’ on track 18 “Never Let You Go” is the horrorcore equivalent of Ozzy and Lita Ford’s duet of Close My Eyes Forever in measurement of sheer awesomeness. Track 19 “Yesterdays Dead” perfectly sums up this album, stating up front and simple that SKR has got to where they are today 100% due to their own efforts and hustlin’ without having to ride the coat tails of anyone else. Release after release securing their spot as kings and queens of the underground, real wicked shit, made for fans and love of the horrorcore scene. “Muerta” is a necessary own record for every true horrorcore fan. I cannot recommend this album enough, sick lyrics, beats that skull fuck your senses and once again true innovation of the horrorcore genre.

Favorite lyrics:

Snuff Dream Come True – “Ready or not I’m coming, you’re gonna be tortured, snuff you out like August Underground’s mordum, abortion, rip your fetus out make no mistake, stab you repeatedly until you resemble Sharon Tate.”

Megan Cake – “Somebody should of told ya not to bite off more than you could chew, I’m looking forward to abducting and dismembering you, call MSNBC, Chris Hanson may rescue you.” (Inspired by the 2011 film Megan is missing)

Keep It Wicked – “Human kind has been abandoned like Christ on the cross, I’m sick like Italian horror, Cannibal Holocaust, I’ll devour your raw flesh the rumors are true not false, I won’t hesitate for a second, I’ll eat your face off, no bath salts.”

Sugar & Spice – “No Sugar and no spice, I ain’t nothin’ nice, cut and stab your sides, hang you up like Jesus Christ.”

Homicidal Activity – “I’m the nightmare next door, don’t you dare take a peek. terror unmatched, horror unleashed, vividly, creepy crawl time, this is my secret to keep, hide and seek you will see how evil runs deep, oceans deep, its time, homicidal activity.”

“I’m not giving a fuck like Jeffrey Dahmer I’m cutting you up, keep your head in my freezer your life I will destruct, homicidal activity killing women so brutally add them to my list of casualties, I’m a female version of Ted Bundy.”

Prince Charming – “He’s so brutal, I love him in each and every way, he could be my Chris Brown, kick my ass everyday, I love the way you lie the way you make em cry then die, sex and violence intertwined.”

Black Wedding Massacre – “I notice an ashtray with a pack of camel wides beside it, take out the last cigarette, take out some ricin, put it inside it, what can I say, you can’t break bad, I’m a deadly women I carry poisons inside my little black bag.”

Never let You Go – “I’m not afraid of death, if it means I’ll be with you I can’t wait for it, I’ll never let you go.”

1 – Intro (Produced by LeChum) Scratches by DJ Flo Fader of AffinityMusicGroup
2 – Snuff Dream Come True (Produced by SickTanicK)
3 – Muerta (Produced by SickTanicK)
4 – Megan C.A.K.E (Produced by SickTanicK)
5 – Keep It Wicked (Courtesy HighDef Entertainment)
6 – Alpha Female (SickTanicK Spoken Word)
7 – No Muzzle (Produced by SickTanicK)
8 – Cock Block ft Ruby (Produced by C4)
9 – Girl Interrupted (Produced by SickTanicK) Scratches by DJ Flo Fader of AffinityMusicGroup
10 – Ode To Bathory (Produced by SickTanicK)
11 – I Don’t Need You (Produced by SickTanicK)
12 – Sugar & Spice (Produced by SickTanicK)
13 – Homicidal Activity (Produced by SickTanicK)
14 – Pimp Slap ft Stitch Mouth (Produced by SickTanicK)
15 – Prince Charming (Courtesy HighDef Entertainment)
16 – Black Wedding Massacre ft. SickTanicK (Produced by SickTanicK)
17 – Violent Midnight (Courtesy HighDef Entertainment)
18 – Never Let You Go ft. Two Clipz (Produced by SickTanicK)
19 – Yesterday’s Dead (Produced by C4)
20 – Razland (Produced by C4)
21 – Muerta ft Big Lokote (Produced by SickTanicK)
22 – Blood In The Snow ft. Komatose (Produced by SickTanicK

Engineered by SickTanicK & Hastyle at WorldWide Studios Albuquerque New Mexico
Mixed & Mastered by SickTanicK at WorldWide Studios & The Grotto Albuquerque New Mexico
Artwork by Razakel
Photography by Adam Montoya /
DJ Flo Fader Scratches Courtesy of AffinityMusicGroup

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I eat, breath, and live the horror genre. Gore translates to beauty, and terror the gateway to happiness.
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