Some Guy Who Kills People Arrives on DVD. Go Buy This Movie Now!

If you’ve paid attention to any of the goings on here at The Liberal Dead, you’ve probably heard at least one of us mention a little film called “Some Guy Who Kills People.” Around the time that review copies of “Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil” were being sent out, I was on facebook praising that film for being one of the best horror/comedy outings to come along in quite some time. A good friend of TLD(Christian Burgess) asked me if I was able to see “Some Guy Who Kills People” yet, to which I of course responded, “no, but please tell me more.” How could I not pursue a movie with such a title? Once I learned that Kevin Corrigan was in the lead role, I was sold. Corrigan I feel, is one of the most underrated actors working today. I was a huge fan of the television show “Grounded For Life”. Christian was awesome enough to hook me up with the writer of the film, Ryan Levin, who quickly sent me a screener of the film check out.

As mentioned above, Kevin Corrigan plays the lead character, Ken Boyd. Ken has some issues, to say the least, and he’s just starting to get his life back on track after being released from a mental institution. Ken works at a local ice cream parlor with his best friend Irv, played by Leo Fitzpatrick(Kids, Bully). Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that Ken was a victim of some pretty brutal bullying before his stint in the loony bin. Once the perpetrators of said bullying begin dying in horrific ways, the wacky ride begins.

In addition to Kevin Corrigan’s career making performance, we’re also treated to an A game performance from Barry Bostwick, who plays the sheriff of the town in which the murders are occurring. I’m a big fan of Bostwick. and he brings his legendary comedic timing, and overall zaniness to his role here. Genre legend Karen Black joins the party as Ken’s eccentric mother, Ruth. Ruth appears to be overly harsh on Ken, but you get the feeling that she really and truly loves him, and wishes the best for him, but at the same time, has had more than her fair share of his failures.

Much to Ken’s surprise, he meets a young girl who turns out to be the daughter he wasn’t aware that he had. Ken’s daughter Amy is played by Ariel Gade, who, along with most of the cast, is no stranger to genre film. The chemistry between the characters of Ken and Amy create this heartwarming feeling throughout the film. It’s a dimension that’s absent in most films of the like, and it really serves to elevate “Some Guy” above other films of the genre.

“Some Guy Who Kills People” is marketed as a horror/comedy, and should certainly play well to fans of that hybrid sub genre. Once you dig a little deeper though, it’s a story about a father, doing everything he can to reconnect with his daughter, and make up for lost time. Yes there are bizarre murders, beheadings, and any many more various types of insanity, that, on paper, would lead one to believe that this is standard genre fair. What I did not expect when sitting down to watch this film, was to feel genuinely touched.

We’ve talked about the actors whose performances help to make “Some Guy” as enjoyable as it is, but lets talk for a second about the real star of the show. Ryan Levin’s script is nothing short of remarkable. Ryan also happens to be one hell of a nice guy. As some of you may know, Ryan was nice enough to join Jeff and myself on an episode of the podcast, for which we dedicated the duration of the show to “Some Guy”, and Ryan’s experience writing and producing the film. If you missed it when it aired, you can listen to it here. It’s an extremely entertaining discussion, and we thank Ryan again for making it so. We hope to see Ryan write many, many more movies, especially if he can match even one third of the amount of entertainment that was found in “Some Guy Who Kills People.” I realize that Ryan wasn’t a one-man-army on this project, but I still feel like he deserves a tremendous amount of credit for what I feel is a film that sets the bar for which future independent genre movies should be compared.

It’s rare for me to refer to a film as “perfect”. Some of the best films still have at least one or two minor flaws. I honestly can’t think of anything negative to say about “Some Guy Who Kills People.” It’s charming, often times gory, and absolutely hilarious. The writing is phenomenal, and the performances from a cast of legendary character actors is a sight to behold. I’m bummed that Anchor Bay decided to skip out on the Blu Ray format for this title, as they seem to be doing more often lately for independent films, but I’m still excited as hell that they are releasing the film on DVD. Ryan, Jack, and the rest of the crew deserve recognition for what they’ve accomplished here. While I feel like “Some Guy” deserved a wide theatrical release, for a company the size of Anchor Bay to pick this title up for distribution, basically affirms all of the praise that we’ve been heaping on the flick for almost a year now.

“Some Guy” is being released to DVD today, July 3rd 2012. If after what I’ve had to say about it, you’re at all intrigued, please buy the DVD and watch it for yourself. Whether or not the film is released on Blu Ray has a lot to do with how well the DVD sells, and I want my goddamn Blu Ray. Buy a DVD, and if you like it, tell your friends about it, and help get the word out about the little indie horror/comedy that could. I don’t often ask people so explicitly to buy a film, unless I feel it’s a film that deserves more attention than it’s getting. If you were to ask me to recommend one movie to you that you probably haven’t seen, this would be it. If you know anything about me, or the amount of films I watch on a weekly basis, you’ll know what that recommendation means.


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  • i luv a good tale of asshattery

    we watched it tonight
    bleak, bleak, desperately bleak
    until the end
    and then?
    somehow uplifting.
    definitely worth watching.