Sicktanick Chapter 2 In Nomine SickTanick Music Review


Welcome to the first installment of a reoccurring feature that showcases horror inspired musicians in the form of record reviews, interviews, and various commentary pieces from The Liberal Dead staff.  With that said if you are a horror inspired musician of any genre and would like to see yourself featured in “Strange Transmissions” you can contact us at the following email address or contact us via Twitter @theliberaldead

I have been a huge fan of horrorcore hip-hop since my Jr high years, my first exposure to the genre being Esham and Brotha Lynch Hung instantly I found myself hooked as a hardcore horror junkie and avid music fan the genre called my name. Fast forward to 2005 when my ears first heard the dark and twisted hymns of Sicktanick Tha Souless with his album “Premonitions” a very important in my horrorcore journey. In 2007 SKR became my label of choice with the release of both Sicktanick’s “Chapter 1: Doctrines of the Damned” and Razakel’s “Murder Potion” and I would become forever a follower of anything I came across with the SKR tag slapped across it.

It’s only fitting that the first album to be reviewed for “Strange Transmissions” be the 2010 release “Chapter 2: In Nomine SickTanicK” one of the sickest horrorcore records I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in sometime. The lyrics are exactly what you expect when you picked up a SickTanicK record, anti religious fueled rhymes with twists of the occult for good measure no hidden messages here just pure wicked shit.  My personal favorite track on the album has to be “Eyes Wide Shut” with lines like

“This is the work of an occultist mastermind beyond the devil I come with esoteric signs while all the rest they remain so blind because their eyes are wide shut” and “this is my hymn to the Mossberg twelve gauge shotgun they call me sick cause lyrically I’m Ebola a real occultist all the rest are just toy soldiers I was the first to do this shit and now I feel like a father with a bunch of bastard kids I’m not talkin bout the wicked shit but if I was id give props to Esham Smith” the track instantly earned its spot on my daily rotation of music.

“Also included on “Chapter 2: In Nomine SickTanicK” are two spoken word tracks that I really dug and hope that SickTanicK decides to do more tracks like those on upcoming releases. Another one of my favorite tracks is “Portrait of the Devil” the lines “my body is the canvas your brush it is the weapon you paint me hell bound while you paint yourself in heaven I am the veil that is lifter from the Ignorant I give knowledge I teach disciples discipline you preach intolerance and bigotry through the subconscious and your political religious system” really blew me away and are further examples of the strong lyrical content in this SKR release. Toss in some of the sickest beats the industry has to offer and you get a horrorcore masterpiece wrapped up in a perfect blood soaked package.

Overall this album is a solid addition to SickTanicK’s already strong discography and proof that the wicked will never die, if you are not familiar with SickTanicK or Serial Killin Records I highly advise you visit the Official SKR website and be sure to pick up a copy of “Chapter 2: In Nomine SickTanicK’ while you are there and be prepared to be musically skull fucked repeatedly.

1. SickTanick – Intro
2. SickTanick – In Nomine SickTanicK
3. SickTanick – Unholy Blood Unholy Grail
4. SickTanick – Cornerstone
5. SickTanick – 7 Vital Sins
6. SickTanick – The Abyss
7. SickTanick – Path Of Initiation
8. SickTanick – Spoken Word #1
9. SickTanick – Portrait Of The Devil
10. SickTanick – Force Of Destruction
11. SickTanick – Ritual Rape
12. SickTanick – Save Yourself
13. SickTanick – A New Aeon
                                                                              14. SickTanick – Babylons Embrace (The Mass)
                                                                              15. SickTanick – Spoken Word #2
                                                                              16. SickTanick – The Formula
                                                                              17. SickTanick – Eyes Wide Shut
                                                                              18. SickTanick – Let The Hate Reign
                                                                              19. SickTanick – Ordo Ab Chao
                                                                              20. SickTanick – Fuck Your God
                                                                              21. SickTanick – Scream At The Heavens
                                                                              22. SickTanick – Against All Gods

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I eat, breath, and live the horror genre. Gore translates to beauty, and terror the gateway to happiness.
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