• http://www.tellthesun.com Amy Bates

    Do you know how it is when you “hear” a song, and it immediately provokes a genuine reaction? The song “Distracted” really struck an inner chord, and I identified with the music. Pure tones – – clear music – – passionate words! I like the other songs, too – – the whole soundtrack is genius. I hope to hear more from this artist!

  • Joe neely

    Patient Satelite was the kicker for me. Great movie great soundtrack!!

  • John Adams

    This was an above average movie, it was refreshing to see a good horror movie. The soundtrack was fucking terrible and almost ruined the scenes. Simply terrible, monotonous, bland mash potatoes crap. And that is putting it lightly, though some were worse than others we almost turned the volume down but we got some serious laughs when we put the CC on and read the accompanying abysmally bad lyrics. Good movie otherwise

  • alison

    I am a massive fan of this movie and the amazing soundtrack! I can’t believe anyone saying otherwise! I didn’t realize Lucky wrote some of the scenes around the music but that completely makes sense to me after having watched it numerous times. I just watched The Battery recently and I feel the same way about that movie and soundtrack. The blending of the two is what makes a film really memorable for me. Thanks for such an awesome article :)