Roseanne – Tricks & Treats: A Halloween Must Watch

Roseanne – Tricks & Treats from Mill Creek proves that fans of Halloween programming can have their cake and eat it too. I look forward to the Roseanne Halloween special throughout the year and not simply during October. It seems they’re always airing, the never get old and they never feel out of place. Can you say the same for the assorted Christmas  Having watched them all again today, I can tell you that you may have forgotten some of the most entertaining punchlines, moments of 80’s gore and respects paid to classic horror. It’s obvious that the writers love Halloween and know how to please a horror fan. It’s also pretty apparent that Roseanne herself knows how to do Halloween right.

First, what do you get? It’s a DVD, and TV quality circa the mid 1980’s. It’s in 4:3 format and there’s no reason to see it any other way. There are eight episodes:

  1. Boo
  2. Trick Or Treat
  3. Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down
  4. Halloween IV
  5. Halloween V
  6. Skeleton in the Closet
  7. Halloween – The Final Chapter
  8. Satan, Darling

There’s also one episode that contains a commentary track. That’s it. It’s a very inexpensive DVD release, so don’t expect too many frills.

You’ll most likely find that as you watch them, the most recent episodess don’t seem to impress as much as when the series first started airing Halloween specials. By the time you hit Halloween- The Final Chapter and Satan, Darling you’ll know exactly why these entries aren’t often repeated while you’re catching reruns on late night TV.  Episodes like Boo, Trick Or Treat and Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down are genuine Halloween classics that belong next to It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and the Fat Albert Halloween Special, embody the spirit of Halloween and most of all, set a great example about how to celebrate the Conner way. The early episodes feature Halloween/80’s level humorous gore which will make you remember just how un-PC Roseanne could be. There are references to a number of different horror films, from a parody of Rosemary’s Baby to costumes of Tippy Hedron getting mauled by Birds and DJ dressed as Hannibal Lecter.

Make sure you go spend the $6 to enjoy a really worthwhile nostalgia trip. Full product details are available at Mill Creek HERE. You can purchase Roseanne –  Tricks or Treats HERE at Amazon.

Most surprising moments was hearing the numerous mention of sex toys throughout several of the episodes. I guess I didn’t remember that from my childhood.


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