Robert Rodriguez’s THE FACULTY Invades The United States on Blu Ray From Echo Bridge 7/31/12

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the film ‘The Faculty’ released in 1998. It was directed by Robert Rodriguez (Machete, Desperado & Sin City) from a script written by Kevin Williamson (Scream 1,2,4 & The Vampire Diaries). The film stars a powerful cast including the likes of Elijah Wood, Josh Hartnett, Jon Stewart, Robert Patrick and more. If you have never seen the film, I highly recommend you give it a watch. There are many varying opinions regarding the film, from those who absolutely love and adore the film (I would be one of those supporting that sentiment) to those who hate it. If you have seen it before, I’m sure you already know whether or not you want this in your Bluray collection. If you have not seen the film, now seems like the perfect time, wouldn’t you say?

‘The Faculty’ is about a group of kids at a local, small town High School, from all ends of the HS totem pole. There is the Stan; the Captain of the football team, Delilah; the head Cheerleader, Casey; ‘the geeky Stephen King kid’, Stokeley; the loner with an affinity for Science Fiction, Zeke; the brilliant mind who someone was held back his senior year and makes a living peddling his home made drugs out of his trunk on school property, and what do they all have in common you ask, nothing, until now. When members of the school faculty begin to act oddly, strange occurrences and behavior continue to mount; these kids who have nothing in common must join together if they have any hope of saving their school as well as the world.

The video presentation on the Bluray is actually pretty well done. The picture is smooth and detailed, yet also retains a proper amount of grain from the initial source. One thing that may concern some is that the back cover of the Bluray lists the film as being presented in a 1.78:1 Aspect Ratio. But fear not, that is actually incorrect. The film is presented in its original Aspect Ratio of 1.85:1, regardless of what the box implies. The video may not be perfect, but considering what one would expect of a Bluray transfer for this film, I have to say I’m impressed overall.

The audio is also pretty top notch for a catalogue Bluray release such as this. The back cover lists the audio specs as offering three separate audio tracks; DTS 5.1, DD 5.1, and PCM Stereo. While the latter two are included as stated, the DTS track is not a lossy DTS track as implied, but is actually an uncompressed DTS-HD MA 5.1 track, and it sounds pretty good. The bass on the track isn’t insane, though for this movie that is to be expected as this is far from what one would refer to as a bass heavy film. The rear channels get a bit of a workout in some of the more active scenes therefore giving the audio presentation some real kick while still keeping all dialogue in the center channel completely audible and legible at all times. Once again (as with the video) I have to say the DTS-HD track is about as top notch as one could hope for with this film.

Special Features is the one area this release falls short, there are zero Special Features on the disc. Not so much as an audio commentary track or even a theatrical trailer. The menu didn’t quite seem to fit with the movie, but I guess if there is one thing on a release not to take issue with it is the menu, as long as it functions properly, which this one indeed does.
If you are a fan of this movie like me and have been waiting for a chance to add it to your Bluray collection, I would suggest now is a great time to doso. The great price can’t be beat, and the presentation of the disc is pretty good overall.

‘The Faculty’ is being officially released on Bluray in the US by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment on July 31 with an exceptionally reasonable Suggested Retail Price of only $14.99. I have heard reports from some that it can already be found on the shelves of some local Best Buy stores as well as a few other places, and has been seen for as low as $4.99 (very possibly a sale price). The official street date is July 31, so if you can’t find it at your local retailer right now, I’d recommend checking back on the 31st. You can also pre-order your copy on Amazon right now.

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  • Smarmy Sean

    The Faculty is what Disturbing Behavior wishes it was!
    Although it is the one film i find Katie Holmes attractive in.