• Jacqueline Clarke

    Come on it can’t be that bad. We all have our own opinions, yes I know. Honestly I know I’m gonna love it and it never even came out yet. I seen a few clips from it and I think it’s gonna be amazing. I think people who have an interest in YouTube will enjoy it because of the many famous YouTubers acting in it. Maybe you would appreciate it more if you were more familiar with them. Also I can’t say much on if I think it’s scary or not because I never seen it yet but I did see a scary clip from the movie and it did make me jump. Atleast that’s my opinion.

    • http://www.facebook.com/destroysuperman Jesse Bartel

      You should probably see it first. I DO have an interest in YouTube and think there is some great stuff going on there, but that doesn’t excuse a shit movie. There is nothing entertaining about SMILEY, and it makes a lame attempt to define the internet culture.

      Oh, and the scary clip you’re thinking of, there is only one of those.

      If you see it and really love it, write back and let me know WHY you liked it so much. I would be curious to hear the other side of this.

      Thanks for reading.

    • Fartnoises

      Who gives a fuck about famous Youtubers? I couldn’t think of a group of people less talented than the attention starved dregs that become popular with the rabble of Youtube. If the biggest draw a film has is that it features a handful of people who are barely relevant now and won’t be remotely relevant two years from now in order to siphon a few bucks off their weirdo obsessive fans, I have no desire to see it.

      • beartits

        You’re fuckin beautiful, you know that?

        The problem I have is that I browse 4chan, and while I don’t mind more people going to the site (hell moot works hard, he deserves more people on there) it’s the KIND of people this film will attract. The obsessive dickriders who post on Youtube or Reddit who think “internet culture” revolves entirely around inside jokes, references, and worst of all memes. I mean the boards I frequent (mostly /mu/) have become less about the board topic and moreso about “le epic funny mee mees”, and the overall quality has had a noticable decline. If this film does remotely okay, and those bottomfeeders drift to the site, I can only see things get worse from there.

  • johnny k

    I almost went against my better judgement to not see it but upon learning the cast is all YouTube nobodies and reading what little plot it has have cemented my decision not to see it. The 4chan community is not taking this one lightly either. Smiley broke rules 1 and 2. For shame.

  • Ana

    I seriously felt scared… not for the shitty movie, but I was really, REALLY, waiting for some cool explaination about Smiley. It’s so disappointg notice that the only thing really interesting was the teacher speechs.

  • smiely

    i did it for the lulz
    i did it for the lulz
    i did it for the lulz

    • MrAnonymous

      Lmao your name is smeily. Nice try bro.

  • joshthamosh

    Jeez.. The ending made me want to rip my own dick off! I aint gonna spoil it for anyone stupid enough to actually watch this movie but it literally made no sense whatsoever