• Eddie Hollander

    My absolute favorite cabin in the woods style horror movie would have to be The Cabin in the Woods. It seems silly to make it my number one but seeing that film in the theaters really made me feel all the feelings I felt when watching horror movies as a kid. Also, Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon HELLO?


  • David Hollingsworth

    My favorite cabin in the woods movie has to be the original “Evil Dead”, from 1981. It was so cheaply made, but so wonderful. Sam Raimi really tapped into so many inventive styles that many of today’s horror filmmakers use now. It was a film of so many ideas, techniques, and had many terrifying moments, that giving it away would be really thoughtless of me. See it for yourself, trust me, it is really worth it.


  • Jordan Biagomala

    My favorite Cabin in the Woods style movie has to be the 2007 remake of the Austrian film Funny Games. It’s surreal, weird, and brutal in not an over the top way, but in a more subtle terrifying way! mrorigin.jb@gmail.com

  • Danny

    My fav “Cabin in the woods” movie will have to be Evil Dead, that Bruce!!! damn Ash is actually one of my favorite characters of all time, as well as the movie and the fact That it was so cheaply made, is just really confronting to remember that money has nothing to do with talent and passion. Sam Raimi really put his hole heart in this movie as well as the rest if the cast and crew and you can totally tell.


  • Amy Orvin
  • alienxphile

    Cabin Fever

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