Repo Men (2010)

One trip to IMDB would clue you in on a little controversy over the film Repo Men. Despite beginning it’s early writing stages in 2003, people seem to think that it’s a “Rip off” of a film titled “Repo! The Genetic Opera.” Personally, I never got around to seeing that film, so I thought I would write this movie up, to give you a perspective from fresh eyes.

It was hard for me to watch Repo Men, and not think of our current situation here in the states. Despite the sensationalism(ripping someone’s prosthetic organ out in broad daylight.) It wasn’t hard for me to imagine our health care system ending up like the one depicted in the film. It also has some sharp commentary related to our current financial system as well. Is it so hard to conceive that this world is possible, if we continue to let corporate greed dominate our health care system, instead of evolving like the rest of the civilized world did 30 years ago? Is it so hard to believe that, without some financial reform, the trend will continue to purposefully pursue borrowers who could never possibly pay back their debt?

Now, that rant is over, let’s get into the film. Repo Man is set in the not-to-distant future. A future where any body part can be replaced, so long as you have the money to pay. When you don’t, that’s where Remy(Jude Law) and Jake(Forest Whitaker) come in. Remy, and Jake are work for the Repo union, collecting organs back from patients who couldn’t make their payments. Though it’s a neat idea, we aren’t treated with much of this in action. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just an observation. Most of the story is spent on the concept of the collector, becoming the collected. Liev Schrieber put’s in my absolute favorite performance of his spanning his entire career. He plays the sleazy executive role to the T. “Gimme yer fuckin heart.” he says, in such a matter of fact sort of way, I loved it.

Repo Men is surprisingly brutal, and gory. Most of the gore doesn’t even come from the repossession scenes, but the fight scenes at the end of the movie. At the halfway mark, I wasn’t thrilled with this movie, the third act had me grinning ear to ear. The ending had me worried, but payed off after-all. I’ve seen some pretty bad reviews for this movie, but I feel they were expecting something from the movie that wasn’t promised to begin with. It’s mostly a brutally dark sci-fi/action film, but it does have it’s moments of intelligence. With social commentary that’s underlying, and doesn’t smack the viewer in the face, I can recommend this movie to anyone looking to have a good time.