• Liri

    I’m honestly surprised that you enjoyed this movie, let alone gave it such a high rating – especially since I agree with most of what you said regarding remakes. I LOVED The Hills have Eyes and think is was a far better film than it’s original, even Nightmare on Elm Street – which was not great – brought something different to the series, enough that I didn’t feel like I totally wasted my time watching it; and as much as I love Englund I must say that I never found him “scary” while if Jackie Earle Haley’s version was in my dreams I’d shit my pants.

    But with Evil Dead – it was just……lame. So lame.

    It had a horrible cliche opening – a “flash from days past” – which removes all tension regarding the mysterious book they find, a painfully cliche and dull character background scene – which added nothing in the way of personality or attachment – “I’m mad at you cause we don’t talk anymore” – then they find a mysterious book in the childhood cabin they grew up in – (which they somehow forgot had a basement??) – read from the book and awaken an ancient evil? A book which has a pictorial representation of each daemon like the “i have to get boiling water on me” daemon and the “I have to cut off my face daemon” (it really diminishes the “unknown” horror element when we literally see pictures of what is going to happen – followed by and hour of the most uninspired story telling since House of the Dead.

    Opinion is opinion and I appreciate your review and thoughts on the film – I’m just interested when two opinions can differ so greatly yet we have similar tastes in other remakes.

    In any case very informative review! Thanks!

    • http://www.liberaldead.com Shawn Savage

      Thank you for taking the time to read, and for the kind words. I suppose when I mentioned that this was this year’s The Cabin In The Woods for me, I forgot to mention that it is a far more divisive film than that. I can see what you’re saying with your personal complaints, but the things you mentioned didn’t bother me in the least.

      I also want to commend you for being able to disagree, yet be respectful and insightful in your reply. That’s such a rare commodity on the internet today, that I feel it needs to be highlighted when it does occur.

  • http://Www.facebook.com/jjsterc Justin

    Logical discussion??!! The Internet will self destruct in… But seriously, I missed it in theaters because of the divisive reviews, but I have a couple extra bucks (not really), so ill pick up the Best Buy steel book blu ray… I worship The Cabin in the Woods and think horror films
    Have taken a nosedive since the days of The Thing and Poltergeist… (TCITW ad Drag Me to Hell being exceptions…), but your review inspired me…
    So we shall see! Also, I’m kind of drunk…