From the producer of Platoon and The Terminator Comes “Love At First Kill”



 Secrets Will Be Revealed On DVD February 15th

 BEVERLY HILLS, CA – On February 15th, Anchor Bay Entertainment premieres the provocative thriller Love At First Kill on DVD. Directed by John Daly, the Oscar-nominated producer behind such classic films as Oliver Stone’s Platoon, James Cameron’s The Terminator, Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor and Robert Altman’s Images, Love At First Kill stars Margot Kidder (Lois Lane of Superman, Halloween II, The Amityville Horror), Noah Segan (Fanboys, Deadgirl, Adam & Steve), Lyne Renée (The Hessen Conspiracy), Michael Bowen (Magnolia, Kill Bill: Volume 1) and Onalee Adams (The Lazarus Project). SRP is $26.98 and pre-book is January 19th.

Harry Teberg (Segan) is a brooding young artist who collects cardboard boxes of all sizes and shapes, draws and paints them. He still lives with his possessive and over-protective mother Beth (Kidder), a widow of twenty years who dominates him. Harry suffers from recurring nightmares, a blocked-out memory of something horrific from his childhood. When Marie Dupont (Renée), a pretty young European divorcée, moves into the house next door with her daughter Kiki (Annika Moffat), Harry begins to experience thoughts and feelings he never knew he had.

 Beth starts losing her mind as Harry tells her that he loves Marie, and is leaving with her. Beth will do whatever it takes to stop her from running off with her son. With her paranoia now at full throttle, Beth puts a plan into action to keep them apart – a plan loaded with twists, turns and revelations as Harry begins to recall the events that led to his father’s death.