Priest, Librarian, Politician, Hunchback, Podcast: Dead Air Ep. 5 – Kill List

This week Dead Air hosts Jeff Konopka and Shawn Savage sit down to talk with Justin LaLiberty about Kill List.  If you haven’t seen Kill List it is near impossible to discuss without giving away all the good bits, so you may want to stay clear until you can hang with the cool kids. I assure you that the film festivals that adore this movie haven’t gotten it wrong. Kill List is a complete movie filled with intrigue.

There’s a lot on the gang’s plate this episode. Everyone seemed to have something to add to the conversation despite a recent rash of illness among several geographically isolated individuals. It’s not quite the zombie plague you’d expect from a podcast called Dead Air, but it’s bordering on Bubonic.  You may want to soak in a vat of Purrell after tuning into make sure it isn’t catching.

Discussions in this episode are not limited to but may include:

-Paranormal Activity 3 and the series that has lead up to this installment. The sequels are the casts favorites.
-Justin LaLiberty discusses ever so briefly Yakuza Weapon. This may not be the Tokyo Gore Police that you’re looking for. Splatter flicks really shouldn’t go longer than 90 minutes.
-Revenge: A Love Story… never has a discussion about cutting babies out of the stomachs of their mothers prompted such merriment and good hearted fun. Do cannibals call fetuses veal?
-The Grey is Drive of the action/drama/suspense/survival film. It’s a must see. No animals were harmed in the making of the movie. PETA can stop protesting now as the Great Liam Neeson hunt has been called off.
-Everyone loves to hate The Devil Inside. I’m not going to lie. I’m one of them, but as the gents point out, it’s important to actually watch a movie before you start to rip it to shreds. Also, the Internet is not your own private Germany. You are not Hitler. The rules you impose on everyone else need not apply. That goes for you Internet trolls.
-The Father’s Day trailer is making the rounds with its impending full scale release. Astron 6 deserves your attention.
-The Sleeper failed to satisfy that retro urge for at least one of our audience members. I’ve got the VHS sitting here staring me down. It’s as if it’s Molly Ringwald and I’m about to ask for its panties. Figure that one out.
-Finally, V/H/S was picked up by Magnolia.  Let’s hope their distro quality doesn’t suffer.

That’s the short and skinny of topics you’ll find discussed a most jovial tone. You’ll have to listen in to get down and dirty with each one of our hosts. As for the feature review, you’ll never hear Jeff says the words “What the Fuck” more on air, and what’s more is his opinion is 100% medically accurate.

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