Peacock (2010)

Peacock is a very interesting, and original film. It tells the story of a small town bank clerk named John Skillpa, who has a very big secret. Little do his fellow towns people know that John also has a split personality, that happens to be a female. This causes him to dress as a woman to do chores for John, and to also cook him breakfast every morning. After a freak train accident in his front yard during his daily chores, he finds himself having to work extra hard to hide his other half from the towns people, and at the same time, trying to stay on top of the ongoing battle between his two halves.

Let me start by saying, this movie is far from a easy watch. Before I felt comfortable reviewing it, I ended up watching it a total of three times. It tends to leave a lot of questions to be answered by the audience on their own without ever confirming it within the film itself. So your first time through, you may find yourself confused to some degree. The acting in this movie is pretty amazing especially the lead Cillian Murphy playing both the role of John and his other personality Emma. In a time of endless remakes and cookie cutter scripts, Peacock is a very nice change of pace if you’re willing to watch it with a open mind, and give something different a shot. This film won’t be for everyone and honestly its more drama slash thriller than horror, but in the end I recommend you at least try to make it through it, and if you manage to do that you’ll be rewarded with a real treat.


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  • Anonymous

    What "real treat" might that be? The fact that Michael Lander manages to miss every single dramatic beat, both as director and as screenwriter? The fact that the backstories are completely ridiculous? The fact that Ellen Page is thoroughly miscast? The fact that every single person in that town must be blind? Or the fact that the ending, besides being a complete cop-out, makes no sense whatsoever? This is a boring, creepy, go-nowhere mess. And, no, I'm not even giving Murphy credit for being "brave" enough to put on a dress (again).

  • napalmfuzz

    I haven't seen the flick yet, but I know we're not the only blog to give it an average review. I may check it out to see if I agree with is review, but I don't know, my backlog is pretty huge.