• Johnny Nilsson

    If you can find the masterpiece titled: Escape From Galaxy 3.
    Italian Sci-Fi from the 70’s.
    (This is what I remember after thirty years.)
    There is some spaceships shooting at other spaceships for thirty minutes. This is followed by, not a saucer, but a teapot that lands on earth. Or somewhere.
    Then two very skinny people appear, in blue body tights.The guy haven’t seen a gym on a picture even, he looks like a spider. The girl has boobs; the camera makes that clear to us. If they arrive with the teapot or if they’re picked up by it is a bit fuzzy though. But they are the good guys.
    Then some hundred bleached blonde teenagers tries to bring peace to the universe by making love in the bushes.
    The teapot makes another appearance.
    The score is one long crescendo performed by a symphony orchestra where most, if not all, have taken Angel Dust regularly since it was invented.
    But if you think this one is bad, then there is a Dutch cinematic marvel. They also use the ‘make-it-up-as-you-go-along’ method, instead of wasting a lot of time on scriptwriting. And they have reused the blue tights from the previously mentioned Italian landmark in movie history.
    But I just decided not to mention the title, cause you’ll just waste 86 minutes that you could spend doing 86 minutes of a much better film yourself.
    I do have some vague memory of having endured Alien 2…
    Why do they hate us all so much?

    • Adam Mudman

      “Escape from Galaxy 3”, eh? Interesting! Alien 2 almost made me swear off Italian movies forever (that and every other Italian horror film I’ve seen aside from “Black Sunday”), but I like the teapot prospect.

      I’m not sure if it’s a matter of hate. There are some movies that I’ve found that were made to kill their audiences, if anything just to get back at a world which wronged them in the past. A lot of time this stuff just isn’t worth of view because of, you guessed it, money. Alien 2 was born of greed, not hatred. They just wanted to try feebly to trick people into thinking that just one year after the first movie, a totally different director and studio made a sequel to a high-grossing sci-fi/horror film.