[REC] 2

“[REC] 2” begins directly where the first film left off. As reporter Angela Vidal is being dragged off into the darkness, a swat team, led by an agent of the Ministry of Health is infiltrating the building. As it turns out, the Ministry of Health agent, is actually a priest, and has been sent to […]

American Grindhouse (2010)

“American Grindhouse” is another example of how to make an amazing documentary released by Lorber Films the same who brought you the horror documentary “Nightmares in Red White and Blue”. This documentary tells the history of the Exploitation Film in America. Scantily clad vixens, blood thirsty psychopaths, drug crazed youth, just a few topics that […]

Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue (2010)

“Nightmares in Red White and Blue” takes you on a journey through the history of the American horror film. Featuring commentary from genre legends George A. Romero, John Carpenter, Roger Corman, Mick Garris, Joe Dante, Larry Cohen, and more, “Nightmares in Red White and Blue takes you from the golden age to modern day screams, […]

Sick Girl (2007)

Edben Mcgarr’s “Sick Girl” tells the story of Izzy (Leslie Andrews), a disturbed teenager that has been left behind to take care of her little brother Kevin (Charlie Trepany) after the death of their parents and their oldest brother’s deployment to Iraq. One day Izzy snaps and the body count starts to rise as she […]

Slaughtered (2010)

Left Films was kind enough to send me a screener of Kate Glover’s “Slaughtered”, and for that I thank them, and her. Unfortunately, it will probably be the last screener I receive from said studio, as I can’t in good conscience give this film a good mark. “Slaughtered” follows a group of friends that work […]

Love Object (2004)

Love Object follows Kenneth, a socially awkward technical writer who decides to purchase an anatomically accurate sex doll made out of the highest medical grade parts named “Nikki” who just happens to look very similar to his new co worker Lisa. After many romantic nights with his fake girl he starts to form enough knowledge […]

Tony (2010)

Tony spends most of his time at home watching endless streams of old action movies. Whenever he becomes exposed to a social situation that requires interaction with other humans he has a tendency to panic and murder them. The film “Tony” by director Gerard Johnson takes you into the mind of an out place man […]

Girl Number Three (2010)

Before going in to “Girl Number Three” you have to accept, and embrace the fact that this is a micro budget production. You have to accept that you will not be witnessing any flashy FX, or quick cut editing. If you can get this into your head before you start the movie, you should be […]

Summer School (2006)

After an extra long horror movie marathon an amateur film critic Charles finds himself having trouble telling the difference between fantasy and reality. The next day he attends the first day of summer school and starts to slip in and out of various day dreams to the point he can no longer tell if he’s […]

Broken (2006)

Broken tells the story of Hope, who after making sure her daughter is safe in her bed, goes to her own room to get some sleep. The next morning she awakens to find herself in the woods, held captive by a psychotic survivalist hoping to beat her into submission until she’s the perfect slave.

Get Off My Porch(Short)

“Get Off My Porch” is a short by director Patrick Rea, that could easily fit into a fall themed anthology. The short tells the story of Neill Marshall(haha) An average husband, trying to make the most out of his wife being out of the house. Neill is catching up on some football watching, and potato […]

Burning Inside (2010)

Burning Inside tells the story of a man known only as John Doe. Who has awaken from an extended coma with no memory of his past life, no clue as to who he is, or what happened to him. After obtaining a new life with a wife and normal existence he suddenly finds himself filled […]

The Redsin Tower (2006)

A teen girl and her friends decide to take a little trip to the infamous “Redsin Tower” for a wild night of partying. Not realizing her psychotic love crazed ex boyfriend is following them but he is the least of their worries. After they encounter the evil force that lives within Redsin Tower it will […]

Mercy (2006)

Mercy follows the story of John Mercy, an ex convict who will soon discover that life after prison is far from easy. After meeting a strange woman inside a bar he finds himself on the brink of insanity and at risk for ending up back in jail for violation of his parole.

Liberal Dead Interviews "Horrorwood Mannequins"

LDead: For those who are not familiar with Horrorwood Mannequins who’s in the band and where are you guys from ? HWM: We hail from sydney, Australia, The captain of the crew of miscreants is audri medicate on vocals… the doctor on guitars, hiv on the bass and human drum machine Noddy on the drums.

The Roost (2005)

Ti West’s “The Roost” follows four friends on their way to a wedding , who after a car accident find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere. Their only hope a nearby farm house that was left secluded for good reason that ultimately leads to their discovery of a evil that none of them could […]

Train (2008)

On IMDB, it states that “Train” was originally penned as a remake to the 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis film “Terror Train”. Apparently, they must have re-written the entire script, as other than the fact that the events are unfolding on a train, there isn’t even remotely any similarities between the two plots. “Train” follows an […]

Death of a ghost hunter (2007)

Death of a ghost hunter tells the story of now deceased paranormal investigator Carter Simms, who after accepting a case for payment of 5000$ ultimately met her doom. The home in question was the scene of a horrible murder / suicide in which a women killed her children and husband and then herself. With use […]