Blu-ray Review – Afflicted (SONY)


Another release worth mentioning is SONY’s Blu-ray release of Afflicted. Afflicted is a film that I previously had no interest in seeing, as I’m about found-footaged to death. But, at the eleventh hour, a recommendation from Doc Terror himself, James Harris, led to my increased interest, and ultimately asking for SONY to send me a Blu-ray to review. After the explanation I was given, I had all kinds of expectations for Afflicted, and in an lot of ways it delivered. I will admit that the film wasn’t the way I expected, and/or wanted it to be, but it was still a great little film nonetheless. I don’t know what I wanted it to be, in all honesty. I heard several comparisons to Blair Witch, so my mind wandered, imagining what the Blair Witch Project would be like with vampires. I don’t know if i expected it to be a group of friends lost in the woods, and hunted and killed by blood sucking freaks, or what. Had it been that, I probably would have chalked Afflicted up to a derivative waste of time, because we are currently bombarded with Blair Witch clones to begin with. Thankfully, Afflicted takes its own path, and delivers a smaller-scale, but highly effective and far more intimate story. This isn’t about a horde of vampires, stalking unsuspecting prey deep in the woods, this is the story about one man – traveling the globe – who has a one-night-stand that ends with him being infected with the vampire virus. The rest of the film documents his transformation, and it is often times extremely haunting. Continue reading

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Blu-ray Review – The Final Terror (Scream Factory)


Any week that includes a Scream Factory release could be considered a good week. This particular Scream factory release is of a film that has long eluded me. I’ve been aware of its existence, but never managed to actually acquire and consume it. Now that I’ve had that chance, I wish I had tracked it down before, so that I would have a frame of reference to compare the video and audio presentations to. From what I understand, The Final Terror was considered a “lost” film, and since it was a bucket list title, Scream Factory acquired several different sources in order to spruce it up, and splice together a master cut of the film. The Final Terror is not going to appeal to everyone, as in a lot of ways, it very much shows its age. However, if you like classic horror cinema – especially from the eighties – and/or movies about people lost in the woods and being hunted by an unknown force, this will probably be a disc you want in your collection. Continue reading

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The Best Of Number Two – Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor – By Shawn Francis

Hello, and welcome to The Best Of Number Two here at The Liberal Dead. We haven’t done any kind of theme for a long time, so I thought I would reach out to some some talented people from other sites, and see if we can put something together. I decided it would be a theme about the best second films in a franchise/series. Expect discussion about Metamorhosis: The Alien Factor, The Devil’s Rejects, C.H.U.D. II, Blade II, Sleepaway Camp II, Amityville 2, Island of the Fishmen, The Dark Knight, Final Destination 2, House II and more. Continue reading

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I’ve Got The Blus – New Blu-ray and DVD Releases For Week Of June 24th 2014


Thought I’d forgotten about you, didn’t you? I am aware that I am two days late in posting this week’s noteworthy Blu-ray releases, but I have a good excuse. I was on a family trip, where we both played at a waterpark, went for a two our boat cruise, and made our way to the AMC IMAX theater in the area to see a movie I had been dying to see(The Rover) but didn’t have a chance to see it at home. In any event, if this is your first exposure to I’ve Got The Blus, this is something new I’m trying, to make sure that everything I’m sent to review, gets equal coverage. Really it’s about me getting organized, and keeping better track of the new releases, instead of letting them form a three-foot pile and becoming overwhelmed. Last week saw a pretty heavy week full of solid releases, and there are several must-own titles this week as well. Next week will be even better, maybe, so stay tuned for that to drop, hopefully on Tuesday morning. Continue reading

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Teaser Trailer – Adam Wingard’s The Guest


Next to Blue Ruin, Adam Wingard’s new film The Guest is my next most anticipated movie of the year. I don’t care what you say, I’ve loved almost everything this man has touched, and this one looks completely badass. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Wingard gave us the phenomenal You’re Next last year, as well as the unbearably tense A Horrible Way To Die in 2010. I don’t known a lot about The Guest, other than it is being sold as an action/horror/revenge hybrid, and the behind-the-scenes photos that I’ve seen make it look very awesome. Check out the teaser below, and look for The Guest in theaters(select, I would imagine) starting in September. It’s well within the realm of possibility that we’ll see a VOD release around the same time, unless this gets wide theatrical distribution.  Continue reading

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DEADtime TV: Week of 6/15/14

deadtime tv new

Hey Dead-heads, it’s Ryne from The Moon is a Dead World bringing you your weekly roundup. Salem is still going, Shawn’s still handling Penny Dreadful, and this week Dominion joins us – you know Legion, right? I’ll be covering the first season and the pilot’s hour-and-a-half special. Continue reading

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Screener Review – Wolfcop


Like most people I have talked to, my interest in seeing Wolfcop was based almost entirely on that awesome little poster you see above, designed by none other than Tom “The Dude Designs” Hodge. I mean, look at that gorgeous thing up there. Then, you have the trailer, which promises exactly what the title would suggest, an over-the-top movie about a cop-turned-werewolf, and for better or worse, you have my attention. From what I’ve gathered, The Canadian CineCoup held a short film competition, and the winner was awarded a million bucks to make their film, and limited Canadian theatrical distribution. Wolfcop weathered the contest, and emerged victorious, and now we have the feature-length film to peruse. It is unknown at this time, just exactly how big the reach of the film will get, but I can at least assume that the US and possibly the UK will get DVD releases of the film, if not a limited theatrical run. I’d say it will eventually have a VOD date as well, but this is all speculation until more concrete information is made available. For now, a digital screener was made available for my viewing pleasure, and that’s good enough for me.  Continue reading

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Full Details For Scream Factory’s Motel Hell Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Revealed!


It’s finally happening. This is one of the bad boys right here. This is one of Scream Factory’s Collector’s Edition releases that I have been dying for, and one that will finally make its way onto the space on my shelf(5 foot stack), designated for Scream and Shout Factory Blu-rays. If you haven’t seen Motel Hell yet, your first time is going to be great, as Scream Factory have stacked the disc with extras and awesome new cover art. The disc drops on August 12th, and if you’d like to pre-order your copy now, do so by clicking right here, and you will receive an exclusive 18×24 poster featuring the commissioned cover-art. Check out the official press release below for a listing of the newly-revealed special features, hot off the press.  Continue reading

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Final Screening – Scream Factory’s Summer of Fear Drive-in: Witchboard – With Guests Kevin Tenney and Tawny Kataen 6/20/14 10 PM EST


Much to my dismay, I had to miss Scream Facotyr’s second Summer of Fear Drive-in presentation of Kevin Tenney’s Night of the Demons. I was able to catch the screening of John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13, though, and it was a lot of fun to watch the film with a bunch of like-minded individuals, having a good time on twitter, and seeing some new interviews with the man himself for the first time. I’m assuming the Night of the Demons screening was equally as awesome. This Friday night, Scream Factory presents their final Summer of Fear Drive-in screening of Kevin Tenney’s Witchboard, with all-new interview footage conducted for the screening with both Kevin Tenney himself, and Tawny Kataen. Tune in this Friday night, June 20th at 10 PM EST to catch the show. Before to log onto Twitter beforehand so that you can have inappropriate discussions about plump and juicy wieners with deviants like myself. Check out the official press release below. Continue reading

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I’ve Got The Blus – New Blu-ray and DVD Releases For June 17th 2014


Lately, I’ve been falling further and further behind on reviews. This is mostly due to the sheer volume of discs that make their way to my doorstep. Couple that with having a hellspawn of a toddler, and getting behind is quite easy. I will still be doing full reviews of discs, but I thought I’d start a weekly column, summing up that week’s Blu-ray releases(At least what I am sent for review). Very rarely do I ask for a DVD, unless it’s something imperative that won’t be making it to Blu, so every now and then a DVD will make its way onto the list, but for the most part, we’ll be tackling the Blu-ray releases, because that’s superior format. This week has quite a few solid releases, worthy of your dollars. I will include links to each disc, so that if you like what you hear about the film, you can purchase your own copy. In case you haven’t noticed the pattern yet, Tuesday is the day when new discs are released, so I will aim to have this post up on Tuesday of each week, to let you know when something worthwhile is about to become available. Continue reading

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DEADtime TV: Week of 6/8/14

deadtime tv new

It’s Ryne from The Moon is a Dead World, back with another edition of DEADtime TV that is, again, really short. We’ve got Salem, which continues to plug along toward its season finale, and Shawn’s Penny Dreadful is well into its first season now. Continue reading

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Blu-ray Review – 13 Sins


13 Sins has been on my radar for a while. I was a huge fan of The Last Exorcism, so I was glad to see a new Dimension horror film from director Daniel Stamm. The one thing that concerned me was the familiarity(or so I thought) of the plot, with films like the amazing Cheap Thrills, and the average Would You Rather being recently released. Thankfully, 13 sins was extremely clever in the way that it differentiates itself from films of a similar subject matter. Yes, somebody is doing crazy things for money, but the  mastermind, rather than a coked-up David Koechner, up in your face, fully aware of who the “bad guy” of the film is, is a mysterious voice on the phone, and nothing more. We don’t know who is orchestrating the events in the film, or even why. We don’t know how many people are involved in the conspiracy, what their level of involvement is, nor do we know how messed up the things they are being extorted into doing will be. It takes the core concept, and adds a thick level of paranoia, making it a beast of its own creation. Continue reading

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Scream Factory’s Summer Of Fear Drive-in: Part 2 – Night of the Demons – To Air This Friday The 13th


Scream Factory’s Summer of Fear Drive-in series continues this Friday the 13th of all nights, with a special free screening of Night of the Demons. Just like last time, there will be several breaks in between, so that they can air a never-before-seen interview with director Kevin Tenney and actress Amelia Kinkade. Last week saw a few technical hiccups at the start of the show, which is to be expected when doing things live on the internet, trust me, but once it got going, it was a great experience. You may interact with other viewers via twitter while the show airs, and conversations tend to get a little wild. Show starts at 10PM EST, so stay frosty, and get there on time so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.  Continue reading

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Trailer – Sin City: A Dame To Kill For – Trailer #2


Even if the producers of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, promised every ticket-purchaser a free blow-job at the theater, I couldn’t possibly be any more excited for this film. This is, at the very least, within the top 5 most anticipated films of the year for me. Even before I saw the first trailer, I was salivating with each production update, and every single bit of casting news. The first trailer came and went, and somehow even expanded the nerd-on I had for this bad boy. Now, trailer #2 has arrived, and holy shit! Normally I try and remain as ignorant as possible about a film before I see it, avoiding trailers and whatever I can for the experience to be fresh when it finally gets here, but I just can’t help it this time around. I want this movie so hard that I will take any little bit of footage I can get. Check out the new trailer below, and look for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, in theaters on August 22nd. Continue reading

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DEADtime TV: Week of 6/1/14

deadtime tv newRyne from The Moon is a Dead World here; it’s a short week for DEADtime TV and we’re still late with it, so sorry about that. But I’ve got a Salem review for you and Shawn’s got Penny Dreadful.

DEADtime TV is pretty late this week! It’s my fault for being the world’s most prolific procrastinators, and possibly masturbators.  Continue reading

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Barbed Wire Dolls (Ascot Elite Blu-ray) – Franco-sploitation Behind Bars

barbed wire dollsThere are women in prison movies and then there’s Barbed Wire Dolls aka Frauengefangnis from Jess Franco. For most of the move you’re not entirely sure if there is a narrative going on save for the subtle relationship building activities of a group of imprisoned women who feel the need to walk around naked, pantless or, if clothed at all, still showing their entire body somehow. Most women in prison films seem to have common elements and Barbed Wire Dolls clearly shares those elements, but there is also a unique element to this particular entry. It is rather gorgeous. It’s pretty prison. Not necessarily clean, but it is filled with stunning beauties who are arranged in cells that are perfect for physical education.

Synopsis from Ascot Elite:

 Franco exploitation at it’s finest!! Sadistic torture and perversion are only a small taste of what poor Maria (Lina Romay) has in store for her after she is sent to prison for killing her father while he trying to rape her!! Not long after being imprisoned, Maria is sent to a particularly nasty section of the jail run by an evil lesbian who finds a certain pleasure in the pain she inflicts. Maria’s only hope for survival is escape, but can she find the courage to do so??

Continue reading

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Jack the Ripper (Ascot Elite Blu-ray) – Kinski Goes to White Chapel

jack the ripperJess Franco has tackled many of the classic subgenres and stories especially during the mid-70’s while he always put his own unique sexually explicit, tongue dropping sense of seduction on each movie he makes, he seems to rely on classic tales and great stories of historical fiction with a hint of the fantastic. Never is this truer than in Jack the Ripper from 1976 featuring Klaus Kinski. Franco invents true evil in the form of a well meaning bad guy with a very dark side in his interpretation of this classic White Chapel bound tale. While nobody knows how Jack was for sure that only helps Franco to create his own dark world. It’s got prostitutes in various stages of murder, dismember and clothing as well as a few stragglers along the way who fall victims to homicides of necessity. Ascot Elite offers us the chance to enjoy Jack the Ripper as envisioned by Franco.

Synopsis from Ascot Elite:

The streets of London are filled with shrieks of terror in this atmospheric shocker from cult director Jess Franco (Vampyros Lesbos). Klaus Kinski (Nosferatu) stars as a respectable Victorian doctor whose nocturnal activities include the stalking and butchering of prostitutes, with Scotland Yard hot on his trail. Josephine Chaplin (The Canterbury Tales) co-stars as the innocent woman placed as bait in the Ripper’s path, with Lina Romay as one of the hapless victims.

Continue reading

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Scream Factory’s Summer Of Fear Drive-in – Assault on Precinct 13 with guest John Carpenter – Screening Tonight


Who loves you more than Scream Factory, seriously? These guys not only bring us some of the greatest Blu-ray releases of genre films that other companies wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot-pole, but they’re constantly doing things for the fans. Things like the Summer Of Fear activity, sales, giveaways, social events, all kinds of amazing things are happening this summer. We’ve already experienced a few of the Blu-rays that are part of the lineup, and now, Scream launches their Summer Of Fear drive-in, where they will be showing some of the movies they’ve released, for free, on their youtube channel, along with all-new interviews recorded with the filmmakers and actors. Tonight, they kick the series off with a free screening of Assault On Precinct 13, with breaks that will exhibit a recently-recorded interview with the living legend, John Carpenter. It doesn’t get much better than that. Stay tuned for more details about the Drive-in series, as well as reviews of all of the Summer Of Fear Blu-ray releases and more. The screening begins tonight, at 10PM EST. You can tune into the action here on their youtube channel, or you can visit the official Summer Of Fear website, for both the screening, and a look at some of the other cool things Scream Factory is doing for fans this summer, including huge discounts on some of their best Blu-ray releases.  Continue reading

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BLUE RITA (Ascot Elite Blu-ray) – Franco Lives in the Goya Collection

blue ritaIn the grand scheme of things Blue Rita aka Das Fraunhaus is film that ventures into several exploitation subgenres and ends up feeling moderately more erotic and artistic than exploitative. That’s Jess Franco for you. Just when you think you have him figured out, thinking him to be a filthy man with a proclivity for filming gorgeous naked people on screen for the sake of selling tickets, he devastates that notion with art house sensibilities, strange set design and metaphorical storytelling that has an odd sense of dystopian buried beneath a female liberation façade. Blue Rita comes to us uncut from Ascot Elite, a German distributor who is tackling the Franco filmography from the most gratuitous angle possible.

Synopsis from Ascot Elite:

“Blue Rita”, a celebrated stripper and night club owner, also works for several crime syndicates and secret service agencies on the side. In the attempt to secure some information for her bosses, she kidnaps several suspected agents and tortures them sexually in the attempt to find out what they know. But when she kidnaps a more resourceful agent, Blue Rita gets more than she bargained for

Continue reading

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HE’S LICKING MEEEEEE! A Blu-ray Review Of Ravenous (Scream Factory)


I have seen Ravenous at least a couple dozen times. I’ve seen it on VHS, and I’ve seen it on DVD, and now, thanks to Scream Factory, I have seen it on Blu-ray, and I couldn’t be happier. I read a scathing review of the disc before I watched it, as I’m sure some of you did, but I’ve learned that bad reviews of Scream titles are to be taken with a grain of salt. Scream have become popular now, so with all of their millions of fans, will naturally come a handful of loudmouth detractors. I watched the disc from start to finish, including all of the extras, and I can say without issue that this release is definitely a worthy upgrade to one of my favorite weird little movies. I’ve been trying to save the new Scream releases for the night before the retail date, so that my reviews will have a little more relevance, and coincide with the street date, and it was hard to hold off on this one, because I had been wanting to watch it again for a long while, before Scream announced it for Blu, even, but I managed to hold off, got into the right state-of-mind, got the family to bed, and popped it in. I think I may have liked it even more than I did before this time around, and Scream Factory’s presentation has a lot to do with that. Continue reading

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