Blu-ray Review – Animal – Scream Factory

I’m not saying that Animal is a “ripoff” of Feast. It’s hard to make an original monster movie these days. Everything has already been done. What I am saying though, is that whether or not the creative team behind the new Chiller TV film Animal admit it or not, they owe most of what they […]

TEST/REPOST Blu-ray Review The Dead 2

The Ford Brothers’ The Dead is one of the best examples of modern zombie filmmaking. I know it has its detractors, mostly because of the slow-going nature of the film, but I found it to be breathtaking, which isn’t a word you hear tossed around when describing zombies anymore. The Ford Brothers managed to capture […]

TEST/REPOST: The Battery Blu-ray Review

I was on board with The Battery very early on. In all honesty, all it really took to rope me in was the unveiling of this badass, old school poster. I looked around on the net for reviews, but information was sparse. When the film was released on VOD/Digital, I jumped at the opportunity to […]