Blue Underground Unleashes Shock Waves – On Blu-ray & DVD November 25th


It has been such a long time since I sat down to watch Shock Waves that I can barely recall a single image from the film. Thankfully, Blue Underground has my back, as they will be releasing the film to Blu-ray & DVD on November 25th this year. If you aren’t familiar with Blue Underground, or what they do, they are one of the premiere boutique labels that have been a prolific distributor in cult and genre home video releases. I have a pretty large collection of Blue Underground Blu-rays. I think I’m only missing two of their releases, actually. I have the Hell of the Living Dead/Rats double feature sitting on my desk, and I will be tearing through that one tonight. Look for a review of that this week, and be sure and pre-order a copy of Shock Waves for yourself. Check out the press release below for detailed release info. Continue reading

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Blu-ray Review – Motel Hell (Scream Factory)


Motel Hell is an odd film. It’s packaged as a horror-comedy hybrid, but in reality, it takes itself far more seriously than most movies within the same category. Though the film does have an oddball quality, it steers clear of satire, and never reduces itself to slapstick. Motel Hell was produced during a time where all studio horror output was expected to be dead-teen slasher flicks, and while the film has a slasher quality to it, it has a lot more going on for it than that. Another thing Motel Hell is good for, is forcing you to create a lot of the violence in your own mind, as much of the gorier death scenes happen off-screen in a clever sort of way. Much like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you walk away from Motel Hell feeling like you just watched a gorier film than you actually did. What really sets this film apart from the pack is the fantastic casting of the two villains in the picture, with maniacally convincing performances from Rory Calhoun as Farmer Vincent, and especially Nancy Parsons as Ida. Scream Factory has put together an impressive Blu-ray release of this classic horror film, that has been a fan favorite for as long as I can remember.  Continue reading

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Halloween: The Complete Collection UPDATE


A news blast went out today, with some updates in regards to the Anchor Bay/Scream Factory Blu-ray release of Halloween: The Complete Collection. This news blast, also included a screenshot comarison, pitting the old bootleg edition of the Producer’s Cut of Halloween 6, against the new HD transfer. Also included was some updates in regards to the extras that are included with the set. Even though I’ll likely receive some form of review copy of this title, I already have my Deluxe Edition Pre-ordered, just in case. You should probably click here to do that yourself. Check the updates out below.  Continue reading

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Blu-ray Review – Batman: Assault On Arkham (DC/WB)


Marvel may be dominating the box office at the moment, but when it comes to animated features, they are no match for DC’s output. There have been a couple of “okay” Marvel animated movies, but almost every DC animated feature I’ve seen has been total quality. The last DC animated movie movie that was covered on this site, and it might have even been the last DC animated movie released, was Son of Batman. It was pretty good, though admittedly not my favorite. It was also much different than the graphic novel it was based on, but that happens a lot, and most of the time it’s okay. I think my favorite DC animated feature is The Dark Knight Returns, an adaptation of Frank Miller’s superb graphic novel. They’ve released quite a bit, though, and even more is on the horizon, including a new Justice League movie, that acts as a team-up movie, as well as an Aquaman origins film as well. There is a preview of that as an added bonus on this disc. Assault on Arkham is a team-up movie, technically based on the Arkham video games, but also drawing inspiration from Suicide Squad. It puts together a ragtag team of DC regulars, including Deadshot, Harley Quinn, King Shark, Captain Boomerang, Black Spider, and Killer Frost. Also prominent in this movie is, of course, Batman, as well as The Joker and The Riddler. There are some fun cameos as well, if you pay attention, including an appearance from Scarecrow and The Penguin.  Continue reading

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Bargain Bin Madness – Episode 1: Chopping Mall / Slaughter High


This week marks my triumphant return to the Dead Air Podcast. I have been absent lately, mostly due to scheduling issues, but this was one episode that I wasn’t going to miss. We’ve never really done a retrospective like this for. We usually pick a certain filmmaker, or certain series of films, and cover all of the films pertaining to that. This time, we decided to cover all of the films on this particular Lionsgate 8 horror movie budget packs. The movie combinations are being chosen randomly by Mr. Jimmy Terror, and this week might be the best combination possible. First up, we cover a double feature of Chopping Mall, a personal favorite Wynorski movie of mine, and Slaughter High.  Continue reading

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DEADtime TV: Week of 7/27/14


Hey Dead-heads, it’s Ryne from The Moon is a Dead World. We’re taking you through another week of horror television; Shawn’s got True Blood, Kevin‘s got Teen WolfThe Strainand Under the Dome, and I’ve got the rest. Busy week! NOTE: EXTANT HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THE LINEUP!

Continue reading

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Blu-ray Review – Proxy (IFC)


The only things that I knew about Proxy before going in, was that it featured Joe Swanberg, was directed by Zack Parker, that also directed Scalene, and that I really liked the cover art. I knew that there was a quote on the front cover from the LA times, calling the film “A worthy successor to Rosemary’s Baby”, and that’s about it. I guess I can kind of see the comparison that the LA Times reviewer was trying to make, but for any fans of Rosemary’s Baby, it puts an expectation in your head that Proxy will have an incredibly hard time living up to. At the end of the day, some horrific things happen in this film, but I would have a hard time categorizing it as a straight-up horror film. To set your expectations a little closer to reality, Proxy is sort of about Munchausen By Proxy. That’s not to say that it is similar to the scenes in The Sixth Sense, where the mother is purposefully keeping her child sick, and ultimately kills it for the attention she receives, but more along the lines that the main characters featured in this film enjoy the attention they get from strangers, after supposedly experiencing a traumatic loss. There are no demons, possessions, or anything of the such in this film, so please understand that before you press the play button.  Continue reading

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Motivational Growth – North American Release Details


If there’s one film that I saw in 2013 that stayed with me longer than any other, it is Motivational Growth. Most of you haven’t had the chance to see it yet, but I have a feeling that when you do, you will love it as well. I’ll admit, that if somebody had told me that I would absolutely love, a film about a guy talking to a huge pile of intelligent mold that is growing in his bathroom floor, I’d probably have told them that they were insane. It’s an absurd premise, but some of the greatest films of all time have absurd premises as well. Motivational Growth is shot, acted, and edited so exceptionally well, that I think it will appeal to many, even those that aren’t usually a fan of oddball indie horror flicks. The details of a North American release of the film have surfaced. Check the press release out below, and be sure to secure yourself a copy when it becomes available.  Continue reading

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Texas Chain Saw Massacre 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Releases Detailed


We all knew that there would be a new Blu-ray release of Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chain Saw Massacre back when they started screening a new 4K scan of the film in theaters, so when it went up on Amazon as a pre-order, it came as no surprise. However, shortly thereafter, something appeared on Amazon that intrigued fans, and came with absolutely no explanation. It was called the Black Maria Limited Edition, and cost $70.00. Now, a lot of us have already pre-ordered Scream Factory’s $80.00 Nightbreed set, so that kind of price for a single movie isn’t exactly unprecedented, but up until that point, not a single thing had been announced in regards to this set, so it has remained a mystery until today. A press release was sent out, detailing all of the specifics of all of the various releases, including a description, and photo of the contents of the mysterious Limited Edition. Check out the press release and photos below, and decide for yourself which set you are planning to pick up. I think I can do without thet $70.00 dollar edition. This will be my 10th or 11th copy of the film on disc, so I’m good with the regular combo back.  Continue reading

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Blu-ray Review – Phantom of the Paradise (Scream Factory)


I don’t like musicals. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I hate musicals. Even that one that you think I should see because it just might change my mind, no, I probably hate it. I couldn’t understand why everybody flipped over Repo. I watched it and wanted to turn it off the entire time. I never watched Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd, I didn’t even bother watching Devil’s Carnival. The extent of my enjoyment of the musical ends in things like South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, Cannibal the Musical, The Wall, and that’s pretty much it. When I saw that Scream Factory were releasing Phantom of the Paradise, I had mixed emotions. I love Scream, so naturally I want to support one of their releases, and I love De Palma, so of course I want to see one of his films that I’ve never seen, but a musical? Well, guess what, I loved Phantom of the Paradise. Perhaps it is my adoration for De Palma, and this is definitely a De Palma film before anything else, or perhaps its the way that it sort of satirizes the musical while existing as one. Whatever the case may be, I went into the film with much apprehension, and worrying that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the end, and ended up glued to the screen, and even sat and watched the extras before I got up to do my nightly routine. Phantom of the Paradise is the musical-hater’s musical.  Continue reading

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Blu-ray Review – Without Warning (Scream Factory)


Without Warning is another film being released to Blu-ray by Scream Factory that I’ve never seen, but it’s with good reason. The film has been largely unavailable on home video for the past 30 years. From what I understand, there was a VHS released in the UK, as well as a DVD that was mastered from the same source used to master the VHS, but never a legitimate DVD release, and no release at all in the states. The fact that this film is even being released at all is a miracle, much less that it is being given the Blu-ray treatment, with all-new extras. Without Warning has a lot going for it. It was shot by Dean Cundey, the monster/alien is played by Kevin Peter Hall, who was also Predator, as well as Harry in Harry and the Hendersons, and the film features Jack Palance and Martin Landau in superb character roles, as well as an entire cast of solid performers. For what Without Warning is, it’s really far better than it has any right to be.  Continue reading

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Pieces Of Talent Now Available On DVD & VHS


I know very little about this film, mostly on purpose. I have heard Piece of Talent being mentioned by several friends, and on various Facebook groups that focus on solid indie horror, so it was already on my radar, but I have no idea what it is all about. A press release went out today, announcing that the film was now available on DVD & VHS through the Pieces of Talent website. I’m always excited to check out new indie horror films, even though the typical indie horror output as of late has been a little bit disappointing. However, there are definitely still a few gems that slip through the cracks, and this is shaping up to be one of them, in my eyes. Check out the press release below, and order your copy today.  Continue reading

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DEADtime TV: Week of 7/20/14


Hey Liberal Dead fans, it’s Ryne from The Moon is a Dead World. This week we’re adding The Lottery to our continual rotation of Sunday night horror shows. Extant and True Blood are being covered by Shawn, and Kevin Lovell is picking up The StrainTeen Wolf, and Under the Dome. I’ve got the rest!

Continue reading

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Blu-ray Review Curtains (Synapse)


A lot of classic Canadian genre films are making the transition to Blu-ray this year. Some have had a long home video life, and have been widely available throughout various formats, and others, like Curtains have had a practically non-existent presence on any format. From what I understand, a terrible version of the film was released in a random multi-pack, and featured audio and video quality that may have rivaled a third generation VHS dub. Synapse have resurrected Curtains, in a way only Synapse could. One thing you can be sure of, when a title is announced as being released to Blu-ray by the label, is that they’ll either put out a perfect, preserved transfer of the film, or they’ll release nothing at all. A lot of the time their releases get delayed, because they aren’t happy with how it has turned out, and they would like to do a little more work on the presentation. Delays can suck, I know, but with a reason like that, it’s hard not to understand, and even love them for this method of operating. A lot of boutique labels are just concerned about getting the product out there, and care very little about presentation, but folks like Scream Factory, Vinegar Syndrome, and especially Synapse are actually lovers of film, and do what they can to bring us the best possible release. That trend continues with this quirky little Canadian slasher film. In all honesty, if you’re a fan of Canadian horror, or if you’re a slasher completist, you should probably go ahead and hit this link to secure a copy for yourself.  Continue reading

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The Rover Hits Blu-ray & DVD On 9/26 From Lionsgate


Despite its limited release, I managed to catch The Rover in theaters. I was just in the right place at the right time. My wife and I took our kid to a waterpark, among other things, and I noticed that there were advertisements for The Rover at a theater that we passed on our way through town, so my wife and I left our kid with the in-law, and returned to check the movie out before we left town. My wife and I were the only two people in the theater. I sat, enthralled by this film, while she sat up in her chair, face glued to her phone’s facebook app. I absolutely loved The Rover, and I can’t wait to check it out again. Pattinson Pearce are both fantastic, and this is a gritty, realistic and ultraviolent post-apocalyptic Australian thriller. Lionsgate will release the film to DVD & Blu-ray on September 23rd. Check out the press release below.  Continue reading

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We’ve covered quite a bit of Twilight Zone here on THELIBERALDEAD, mostly thanks to the nice folks at IMAGE that sent over the entire series for consideration. Now, it seems that they will be releasing the entire Eighties Twilight Zone series onto DVD, and I can’t wait. Nothing tops the O.G. Twilight Zone, but man, do I love the Eighties run of the show as well. I’m fairly certain they aren’t planning on sending a copy over for review this time around, so I’s say this will be the last word you hear about the set on this site, but I felt as if it were an important enough home video release that I needed to alert you of its existence. The set will street on August 26th, and the pre-order is already live on Amazon. Check out the press release below, and pick a copy up for yourself. One can never have too much Twilight Zone in their home video library.  Continue reading

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Kevin Smith’s Tusk Finally Gets A Trailer


Say what you want about Kevin Smith, I love the man, and I love his films. I love what he does for independent film, and I love that he’s just as big of a movie nerd as the rest of us. Kevin Smith’s first dip into the wave pool that is the horror genre was met with mostly positive reviews, though the film does have its detractors. One of the main arguments I read to this day, was that it wasn’t really a “horror” film. You know, because horror is limited to zombies and slashers, I guess is what they’re saying. Red State was every bit as much of a horror film as any other horror film that was released that year. It deserves the praise that it got, and it did get praise, regardless of whether or not your anti-Kevin Smith friend agrees. The trailer for his new horror film, Tusk, has finally made it to the surface. It looks horror enough for me, though now the complaints are that it appears to have borrowed elements from other horror movies. Shocking, right? I couldn’t imagine another filmmaker paying homage to already existing horror films. The nerve! Anyway, check the trailer out below, and look for more details on the stateside release of the film to start trickling in soon. Tusk will have its world premiere at TIFF, and it looks like A24 are planning some sort of theatrical exhibition beginning on September 19th. As to the scope of the theatrical release, we don’t have that information yet, but I’d wager it’ll be fairly limited.  Continue reading

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AFTERMATH Available on Blu-ray and DVD on August 26 IMAGE Entertainment


I know absolutely nothing about this movie, beyond the fact that it features Ed Furlong, and is supposedly some kind of post-apocalyptic horror film. I do love both Ed Furlong, and post-apocalyptic films, but neither of them have been very good to me in return as of late. I know most people hate the Night of the Demons remake, but I love it, and I love Furlong’s sleazy performance in that movie. Hopefully he brings what he considers to be his A-Game to this role, and there will be that for me to enjoy at the very least. IMAGE Entertainment will be releasing the film on Blu-ray & DVD on August 26th. Check out the press release below.  Continue reading

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Scream Factory Update: Release Date Announcements And More


So, Scream Factory announced a whopping 10 titles while at Comic Con. Some of the titles announced were expected, and others were not. All of them will be awesome additions to their already-impressive arsenal of classic genre films. On their Facebook page today, Scream Factory issued an update for some of their future lineup. This includes the release date for some titles, and further information about some of the more popular releases this fall, such as the availability of Nightbreed Limited Edition, as well as the current status of Dog Soldiers. See below for details.  Continue reading

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Sin City: A Dame To Kill For – Red Band Comic Con Trailer


Tons of great trailers and other promotional videos for upcoming genre film and TV have been trickling out of San Diego Comic Con. Yesterday we saw the first trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road, and now today we have a new Red Band trailer for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. I was already dying to see this movie, but after watching this, I need to see it right now. Check out the new trailer below, and look for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For in theaters August 22nd.  Continue reading

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