Your 2014 Halloween Season Blu-ray & DVD Preview


Last year, James put together a comprehensive guide, of every piece of Halloween programming and horror movie that would air during the month of October. When I asked him if we were doing the same again this year, he acted like I was an idiot. Why wouldn’t we? With that knowledge in my head, I decided we would expand a little bit this year, and throw together a comprehensive DVD & Blu-ray buyer’s guide for the months of September and October. There are some really great horror releases between now and the end of October. Some studios wasted their opportunity to rope in the rabid genre fans. Fox, for example, except for a new Wrong Turn film, and a few catalog releases making their Blu-ray debuts(Exorcist sequels), has a calendar filled with nonsensical re-releases of titles that are already widely available, and at cheap prices.

We aim for this to be as comprehensive as possible. As you know, release dates have a tendency to change, so if that happens, we will update this guide to give you the most accurate, and up-to-date information. If you see an error or an omission, or if you hear some news about a release that isn’t featured, please either comment below, or send an email to, and I will make the change, and give you credit for the find. James’ Halloween 2014 TV preview will be live in a couple of weeks. We have to wait for more of the channels to make their schedules available. Once it goes live I will add a link here to make sure everybody that needs the information will have it. Until then, happy hunting! Continue reading

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DEADtime TV: Week of 8/17/14


Hey DEADheadsI’m Ryne from The Moon is a Dead World with another week of horror television. It’s late this week (again) because I got married the past weekend, so I’ve been pretty busy getting things ready and going on a mini-honeymoon. We’ll try to catch up soon, but here’s all of your favorite stuff. Shawn’s got True Blood and Falling Skies, Kevin‘s got Under the Dome, Teen Wolf, and The Strain, and I’ve got the rest.

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Blu-ray Review – Blood Soaked Double Feature: Hell of the Living Dead / Rats: Night of Terror (Blue Underground)


I have been a Blue Underground fanboy for quite a while now, as I have quite an impressive collection of their Blu-ray releases. This will be the first Blue Underground title that I have reviewed for the site, and what a title to start with. Blue Underground’s Blood Soaked Double Feature, is two Bruno Mattei films on Blu-ray for the price of one, and it’s quite an interesting pairing, I must say. The set consists of Hell of the Living Dead, following by Rats: Night of Terror. I have seen Hell of the Living Dead several times, but this marks the first time that I’ve seen Rats. If you want to follow the format given to us, you would watch Hell of the Living Dead first, but the truth of the matter is, these two films compliment each other so well that you could reverse it and it would have the same effect. Also, it is a Blue Underground release, so you can buy with confidence, knowing that you’re getting a quality product.  Continue reading

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Trailer Premiere – The Pyramid – In Theaters Everywhere 12/5 (FOX)


I have no knowledge of this film to report to you, other than the fact that it appears to be a new horror title, being released to theaters on the 5th of December by Twentieth Century FOX, and that it was produced by Alexandre Aja (Haute Tension/The Hills Have Eyes) Check out the trailer below.  Continue reading

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Full Details On Scream Factory’s Squirm: Collector’s Edition 10/28


Squirm is a highly anticipated Blu-ray release from Scream Factory, a classic monster movie that I have only had the pleasure of seeing one time in my life. Add me to the list of people that can’t wait for this release to drop. Scream Factory released an update today, outlining the full details of the release. Check out the press release below, and click here to pre-order your copy today.  Continue reading

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4 Must-See Horror Films On Netflix Right Now

netflixSince cancelling our cable subscription, at my house we are often at a loss for what to watch. We have every imaginable streaming service, but I feel like all of that variety makes it even harder to narrow down what we would like to watch. I’m often so bombarded with review copies of things that I seldom have a chance to watch what I “want” to watch in the first place, so wasting time choosing something on Netflix/Hulu/HBOGO/Amazon Instant is even more infuriating. Sometimes I wish somebody would just tell me what to watch. Please note that this is no kind of “Top” list. These movies are not ranked. This is just a list of 4 horror films currently on Netflix instant that I feel must be watched by fans of the genre. If you have any recommendations, please put them in the comments, or send me an email at and I will include them in a list down the road, provided that they are still available to stream. Continue reading

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Dead Air: Episode 58 – Guardians of the Galaxy

This week on the show, Jeff (@Jeff_FOTD) and Jesse (@DestroySuperman) take a break from our unofficial “Bargain Bin Madness” series to review the summer’s biggest Sci-Fi/Action blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy!

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Blu-ray Review – The Sacrament (Magnet)


Ti West is a divisive filmmaker. It is hard to gauge the general consensus with his films, because like Eli Roth and Rob Zombie, there are groups of people that go out of their way to nitpick, and bash everything he is attached to. I know different people like different things, and if somebody can give me a valid reason why The House of the Devil or The Innkeepers is legitimately their least-favorite film, I will accept it and agree to disagree. What I can’t abide, however, is people scrutinizing certain filmmakers by the way of impossible standards, that they hold almost no other filmmakers to. If you argue to me, that you can’t stand slow-burning films, where the payoff may or may not fit your description of “worth the wait” then we can have a conversation. But if you’re complaining about aspects of a film/filmmaker that you give others a pass for utilizing then it is almost impossible for me to take you seriously. In my eyes, Ti West hasn’t made a bad feature-length film. Whether or not his shorts, or parts in an anthology are up-to-snuff is up for debate, but for me, West’s feature films are always an event that I look forward to with anticipation.  Continue reading

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Blu-ray Review – Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (IMAGE)


We all remember the controversy that surrounded the production of Cabin Fever 2, where director Ti West was met with overwhelming studio-interference, to the point that he tried to have his name removed from the project. I don’t have the second film, but there is no denying that it is “bad”. Still, though it had a somewhat entertaining quality, even if it was a bastardized version of what it was originally intended. After that, there was always talk of a new sequel, and even a reboot, and now that a sequel has actually been produced, it seems as though, instead of making a film that connections to Patient Zero, like they originally intended, they’re going with a reboot of the series instead. Nevertheless, Patient Zero exists, so how does it stack up against the first two films? Well, it is definitely better than Spring Fever, but there is a catch. Almost all humor has been removed in favor of a more serious tone, and in some ways, that works for the better. Worthy of note, is that Cabin Fever: Patient Zero features some impressive practical gore effects, even though there still exists a few scenes of somewhat “bad” CGI. It is a sequel that has broad appeal, though as even my wife enjoyed it, and that’s pretty rare for a movie like this.  Continue reading

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Blu-ray Review – The Legend Of Hell House (Scream Factory)


Whenever I reflect, and consider some of the best haunted house films in cinema history, The Legend of Hell House is almost always near to the top of the list. It’s just a creepy, effective exercise in the concept that less is more. It doesn’t assault the viewer with special effects, or cheap jump scares, it’s just good, old-fashioned film making, that makes the viewer walk away feeling like they’ve seen more than they have. The Legend of Hell House, is creepy, atmospheric, and wholly convincing, and it does so with a PG rating, even though it was made prior to the invention of the PG-13, that still says something about the impact a film like Hell House has on its viewers. Though it’s more along the lines of a haunted castle, than a haunted house, the basic premise remains the same. A group of various investigators return to a house that has taken its tole of victims, in order to exorcise the house of its demons once and for all. There are all kinds of various paranormal activities that occur, including Auto Erotic Phenomena. Actually, much of this film is erotic in nature. Though it never dips into exploitation territory, for a PG-rated film, it oozes sex appeal, even featuring some cleverly shot full-frontal nudity. The Legend of Hell House is one sexy haunted house movie.  Continue reading

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DEADtime TV: Week of August 10


Hey DEADheadsRyne from The Moon is a Dead World here with another week of DEADtime TV. Your horror favorites are all back, except for Dominion, but screw that show anyway. Shawn’s got True Blood, and is currently marathoning the current season of Falling Skies, so look for a recap soon. Kevin‘s got Teen Wolf, The Strain, and Under the Dome, and I’ve got the rest! 

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This Movie Was PG-13? – A Review Of The Expendables 3


It’s hard for me to get out to the theater anymore. I’m old, tired, married, and I have a 4 year old with the intelligence of a 40 year old, with the stamina of Stallone, and the quickness of Jet Li. I used to go every weekend, some weekends multiple times, but these days, a lot of factors determine whether or not I’ll be able to make it out. I’m a little more choosy with the movies I pay to see in a theater. If there is one reason I chose to make it out to see Expendables 3, it would probably be the controversy over the PG-13 rating. I had a theory that it meant absolutely nothing, and that the wheels were greased by the Hollywood machine to make that a reality, regardless of the contents of the film. For the most part, I was right. The Expendables 3 is no less violent than either of the past films, in fact, it’s probably more violent than the second film. But, we’ll get into that in a second. I’m glad I was able to enjoy this one at the cinema, because this may or may not be the last installment in the series, depending on box office take, which if the talking heads are to be believed, may be significantly less than previous years due to the leaked copy of the film that made its way online three weeks before the theatrical date. Of course, if it does do lower numbers than expected, it’ll be blamed on that, and other variables, such as the fact that box office numbers are down all around this year, with a few exceptions.  Continue reading

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Directorial Debut From Malek Akkad, Free Fall, Coming To DVD & Blu-Ray October 28th


Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing the directorial debut from Malek Akkad, titled Free Fall, onto DVD & Blu-ray on October 28th. I know very little about this film, other than what was just made available with the press release that just went out. Malek Akkad, if you are unfamiliar, is the man that produces all things Halloween as his birth right. That doesn’t mean he will be a great director, but here’s hoping, right? Check out the press release below, and click here to pre-order your copy.  Continue reading

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Full Details On Scream Factory’s The Vincent Price Collection II 10/21


The first Vincent Price collection that was released by Scream Factory is a thing of beauty. It was announced recently that they would bringing us a second collection of Vincent Price films on Blu-ray, and I couldn’t be any more excited about it than I already am. Well, maybe I can be, because Scream Factory just released the full details of the set, and it’s going to be a good one. Check out the press release below, and please click here to pre-order your own copy of this collection, which streets on October 21. Man, October is really upon us, isn’t it?  Continue reading

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Wild Eye Releasing Drops President Werewolf On DVD 8/26


I have absolutely no idea about this movie, its contents, or whether or not it is worth your time. Wild Eye Releasing have quite a diverse lineup of films, so it could go either way. In any event, they are releasing the film to DVD on the 26th of August. Check out the press release below, and if you are interested, click here to pre-order a copy for yourself.  Continue reading

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Blu-ray Review – Leviathan (Scream Factory)


Ah, Leviathan, the poor man’s The Abyss. Or is it The Thing or The Alien underwater? Whatever the case may be, the fact that a film like this, that owes its existence to an entire list of other monster movies, is still thought about enough to be given the Blu-ray treatment by a company like Scream Factory is a testament to its charm. A low budget contrivance of elements of similar films that “worked”, but still has enough going for it to remain memorable. Is it the cast? That’s one thing that Leviathan has going for it. It may be a low-budget knockoff of Aliens, The Thing, and other monster movies, but they assembled a cast of genre rockstars to play these derivative characters, and play them well. Ernie Hudson, Hector Elizondo, Peter Weller, Daniel Stern, and even Meg Foster and her entrancing blue eyes makeup the cast. Foster isn’t submerged with the rest of the players, but she still maintains an important role as the cold-hearted corporate pencil-pusher, that has ultimately written the crew off, and left them stranded at the bottom of the ocean, so that the company can cut its losses. Couple in some really inventive practical monster effects, and you have yourself an entertaining monster movie, even if it does borrow heavily from some of the genre’s similar heavy-hitters.  Continue reading

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DEADtime TV: Week of August 3


Hey Dead-heads, it’s Ryne from The Moon is a Dead World. We’re taking you through another week of horror television; Shawn’s got True BloodKevin‘s got Teen WolfThe Strainand Under the Dome, and I’ve got the rest. This is Dominion‘s season finale.

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Cult Epics To Release The Classic Love Story Nekromantik To Blu-Ray & New Special Edition DVD 10/7


Sometimes I think to myself, why can’t I watch a love story about having a threesome with a corpse in HD. Well, thanks to Cult Epic, on October 7th, I can do just that. Even if you aren’t familiar with the film Nekromantik, I’m willing to bet that if you actually “grew up at the video store” like most of you claim, you’ll have seen the VHS cover sitting on the shelf, and probably contemplated taking it home with you a dozen times. Personally, I couldn’t turn it down, so I have seen the film several times. Cult Epics are finally bringing Nekromantik to Blu-ray on October 7th, also releasing a new, 2-disc Special Edition DVD. Check out the press release below, and click here to pre-order a copy for yourself.  Continue reading

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Mel Brooks’ Classic Young Frankenstein – Own The 40th Anniversary Blu-ray 9/9 (Just In Time For Halloween!)


I don’t know that I’ve ever even met a person that doesn’t like Mel Brooks’ classic comedic take on the Frankenstein saga, Young Frankenstein. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the film, and Twentieth Century FOX are celebrating the occasion by releasing a special, 40th Anniversary Blu-ray edition of the film. If you have kids, this would be perfect to enjoy with them this Halloween season. I know my son and I will definitely be watching this during the month of October. Check out the press release below, and click here to pre-order your copyContinue reading

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Blu-ray Review – Locke (Lionsgate)


Do you remember the film Buried? The one where Ryan Reynolds was buried alive, and the entire film took place with him inside of the coffin, as he desperately made phone kills trying to find help while the battery on his phone lasted? Locke is a similar film, in that it takes place entirely inside the car with Tom Hardy, as he drives to London where a woman that is not his wife is giving birth to his baby. The fact that the entire film is carried by one performer, within one enclosed space, is really where the comparison ends. Locke and Buried are two very different films, though I enjoy both of them quite a bit. Locke, however, is the superior film between the two, if only for Tom Hardy’s excellent performance. Continue reading

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