• Michael

    What a garbage review. You seriously write like a 13 year old. Please learn how to proofread too, there are several spelling and grammatical errors throughout.

  • http://drterrorsblogofhorrors.blogspot.com Jimmy Terror

    I’m afraid your critique of the review had a grammatical error thus nullifying your ability to give criticism for errors (that can occur from time to time when writing late at night after a full day of my day job). I have never claimed to write above a 13 year old level. I have often claimed to be mentally younger than that. Hope my trash reviews are someone else’s treasure. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Trolling (as was stated in the article) is completely unnecessary.

  • http://VideoTapeTerror.com Nick

    Great article! I missed the first run, but was lucky enough to get one of the (sealed) returns from somebody that wasn’t happy with it. Their site was so slammed at launch time that it took 2 minutes just load my shopping cart.