MAJOR LEAGUE HORROR: 8 Picture Cards. 1 Stick of Bubble Gum.

Tops 86 Front Template Killer Klown 6aYou like baseball? We like horror movies. It’s been a couple o’ years since we addressed the issue of sports and horror. The last time I mentioned the subject was my very first contribution The Liberal Dead and was all about how football fans and horror fans were a whole lot alike. I like football. I like horror movies. Baseball? Now that’s a horse of a different color, but thankfully you don’t have to be a baseball fan to enjoy what Shawn Savage and I have devised today.

We may not be huge baseball fans, but boy do we friggin’ love baseball cards. As a kid I used to build card houses with them and trade them with neighborhood kids. I think I even eventually traded a pile of them for a porn mag. I didn’t know what I was trading exactly, but I had a giant box full of them. I had the plastic sleeves to protect them (that I would later use to protect my Fright Flicks and Bernie Wrightson cards). My favorite were the Topps brand cards. They had little trophy’s on ‘em sometimes. Big ol’ team names on the front in brilliant color. Great borders and statistics on the back for which I would need a map and legend to try to understand. Collectors collect. Horders horde. Baseball cards are collectible whether you like the sport or not. My favorite cards were the 1986 Topps cards. They had the bright logos, the sharp contrasty headers and the reddish backs. Big ol’ unadulterated picture on the front.  Give me a stick of dry card gum and one of those cards anyday.

But I’m a horror fan. And there in lies the conundrum. We have to share the TV and conversation with goddamn baseball through the entire month of October. We have come to a compromise!

October is the Race for the Pennant. Well Horror fans call it Halloween and our all stars have bigger knives then yours!

Tops 86 Front TemplateMYERS 3a

Card Back Template -MYERS 3a

Tops 86 Front TemplateKRUEGER 3a Tops 86 BACKt TemplateKRUEGER 4a

Tops 86 Front Template Tourist Trap 5aCard Back Template TRAP 5a

Tops 86 Front Template Rawhead Rex 7aCard Back TemplateKLOWN 7a

Tops 86 Front Template leatherface 2a

Card Back Template - LEATHERFACE 2a

Tops 86 Front Template Killer Klown 6aCard Back TemplateKLOWN 6a

Tops 86 Front Template kIll bot 8a

Card Back TemplateCHOPPING 8a


Tops 86 Front Template JV 1aCard Back Template




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  • Rondal

    These are great Jimmy! I especially like how you took the time to write up the stats on the back of each card. Rawhead’s Baptism Method is priceless. :D

  • Nerd Out With Me

    These are awesome. I loved the 86 Topps set. The stats on the back are epic. I just watched Killer Klowns last night so I’m partial to that being my fav.