• Gerardo

    The DC Animated movies have been much better than the Marvel ones

    • http://www.facebook.com/destroysuperman Jesse Bartel

      I agree!

      • Luksonna


  • BigD!

    I’m not getting paid to take sides. I enjoy em all.

    • http://www.facebook.com/destroysuperman Jesse Bartel

      Takes sides on what?

  • jon

    didnt like planet hulk very much. the animes and motion comics are cool too (esp iron man extremis)

    • http://www.facebook.com/destroysuperman Jesse Bartel

      The Motion Comics are rather great!

  • Todd

    I agree that these are the 3 best Marvel animated films and pretty much all the others were awful! Iron Man, Ultimate Avengers 2, the Hulk Vs. Thor/Wolverine but in that order of worst to best. The Hulk Vs movies were tolerable depending on the day but Iron Man was just horrible and UA2 wasn’t too much better. DC definitely has the animated movies on lock and kicks Marvel’s tale in that area but with the exception of the Nolan Batman movies, DC can’t make a good live action movie to save it’s life whereas the vast majority of Marvel’s live action movies were really good to fantastic! And considering live action movies definitely make more money and Marvel has produced many more of them, they are absolutely trashing DC in adaptation revenue. I had such high hopes for the Green Lantern movie because he’s my favorite DC hero but they just didn’t get it done, but the two Green Lantern animated movies were amazing! C’mon DC, get it together! Until then, Make Mine Marvel….. in the theatres!