Knuckle Supper Book Review

When the LA heroin-addicted vampire and gang leader named RJ reluctantly takes in a twelve year-old prostitute called Bait, humanity is introduced to his otherwise lifeless existence. An unforgiving, vicious and realistic horror story, “Knuckle Supper” explores chemical dependency, molestation, abortion, and the very nature of evil itself.

With so much vampire media being shoved down consumer’s throats after the baffling success of the “Twilight” franchise, I find myself in state where I fear watching or reading much of anything involving the once monstrous and feared creatures of the night after their new sparkly and wholesome makeover. “Knuckle Supper” is not for “Twilight” fans, and is exactly what all die hard true vampire fans have been craving to once again experience, dark, gritty, and ultra violent these are the fang bearers we all grew up with and loved only with a punk rock twist.

As a long time member of the punk scene, I really enjoyed how raw “Knuckle Supper” portrays city live and drug addiction from a totally unique and intriguing point of view, the eyes of a undead junkie who during his years of one of the living spent his free time shooting dope and committing crimes, and not much has changed since he lost his heart beat and became an immortal. While reading “Knuckle Supper” I kept thinking to myself, this would be an amazing multi part series be it either film or television but it most defiantly has that extra something that could spawn into a real cult following.

The atmosphere is bleak and dirty, and the characters feel like their straight from the lyrics of a classic 70s punk anthem. The way this book is written really gave me flashbacks to a lot of my favorite graphic novel series and in my head when I was picturing what was going on I instantly started processing it in the art form of a graphic novel. In an age where everything has been candy coated and made tween friendly “Knuckle Supper” is exactly what the vampire genre needs, a reminder that these blood sucking night dwellers are not interested in “loving you forever” but would more than likely like to feel your warm crimson juices running down their chins.

I enjoyed ever second I spent with this book and would highly recommend it to any fans of gritty crime dramas with a nice twist of punk, horror, and depraved humor for a total package that will leave you begging for more, while at the same time diving into real world problems such as drug addiction and the seedy underworld of prostitution and the state of society as a whole. Drew Stepek has created a memorable and moving addition to vampire lore that will not soon be forgotten.

On behalf of The Liberal Dead I give “Knuckle Supper” a well earned and deserving 9 of 10, and demand you go out and pick up a copy as soon as you can!


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  • Adam Mudman

    This looks awesome. I’m definitely putting this on one of my lists.