Kevin Lovell’s List of The Top 5 Films To Watch Around Halloween

Well here we are again at the best time of the year for horror nuts such as ourselves. I’m sure you already saw the top 5 list by fellow writer Jesse Bartel and i hope you’ll forgive me in including one identical title. Now, we all have our own tastes and i’m certain i’ll get some arguments thrown my way on a choice or two, but i implore you to remember these are my personal recommendations, not yours! I would personally recommend checking out any or all of these titles this Halloween if you’re having trouble deciding on something to watch on this glorius holliday!

Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2

I know i’m going to catch a lot of grief for this one, but i personally love this film.  If you are want to enjoy this film as it was meant to be seen in all it’s gritty and grimy glory, make sure you check out the Unrated Director’s Cut version of the film.  Unlike the majority of horror fans out there, when i heard Rob Zombie was remaking Halloween i didn’t want a true remake of Carpenter’s classic, i wanted an original gritty and grimy take on the series in the grizzly nature Zombie is known for in his films.  I liked the first film, but i find the sequel far superior. H2 is basically the Halloween film i had hoped for when Rob Zombie did the original.  H2 is exactly what i had hoped for and expected from a Rob Zombie ‘Halloween’ film.

P.S. For those who don’t like this film and feel the need to continually bash it and say how horrible it is, i would like to direct your attention to the picture above and left!

Trick r’ Treat

I am not the first or even the second person here to add this to his list, but i just couldn’t exclude this film regardless.  I might even go so far as to say this is my favorite Halloween ‘themed’ film of all time.  If there is one film i make sure to watch each year around this time, Trick r’ Treat is that film.


For those in the mood for something more goofy and fun this Halloween season, yet without holding anything back on the gore level, then Hatchet is definately the film for you.  If you are like me, sometimes you want a break from the creepy films and just want to watch something fun and riddled with blood and guts.  Opinions go both ways on this film but it’s one of my favorite horror comedy’s of all time.  It’s also a very respectable and true homage to the American slasher films of the 80s.  I’d say it’s a proven fact at this point that Adam Green is no stranger to bringing some of the greatest practical gore effects around to the screen while keeping the mood light and fun.  Victor Krowley has risen, at least in my book!


This is one of those films that holds sentimental value for me and is one of my favorite horror films of all time.  Ok, now that you are done laughing and shaking you head here it is.  This film basically boosted me to a full fledged horror fan.  I know it is far from the best horror film ever, but if it wasn’t for this film i probably wouldn’t be as much of a horror nut as i am today.  It brought home a new twist on the slasher genre and introduced a whole new group of fans to the genre (including me).  I still to this day can’t get over the mask and the ghostface costume is still my go-to choice for any Halloween parties and the like.  Plus, how can anyone not love Matthew Lillard’s goofy antics in the film.

The Thing

Let me clear something up real quick, i am referring to the original classic by John Carpenter here, not the prequel by the same name.  I know many wouldn’t even really consider this a horror film, but i feel it has all the right creepy elements for a perfect Halloween film.  The tension of not knowing who is who..or what, the calm creepy vibe of the film overall, and of course the wonderful soundtrack all add up to make one very calm and creepy film.  This is one of those film’s will definately go down in history as one of the greats of it’s time (if it’s not already considered as such).  Kurt Russel and Keith David doesn’t hurt the star power aspect of the film either.


I guarantee that after i post this i will start thinking of dozens of great titles i will feel i should of included, but as for the record, these are my picks and i’m sticking to it.  i highly reccomend all of these films if you are looking for something to watch, and if you don’t agree with me on some, you know where to find the door!
I wish you a happy halloween and a wonderful holliday full of frightful fun!

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