June 9

June 9 follows Derek boggman and his four friends, who during their summer vacation decide to make a video of their pranks, and trips into a neighboring town, Boston Mills, that’s surrounded by many dark legends and has been dubbed the nickname hell town. Showing footage of their various activities leading up the day in question June 9 1999.

Ok, this movie really has me torn as far as do I like it? Do I hate it? Or do I Love it? On the surface what we have is just another Blair witch project clone, and for the most part it really does feel like they took the same script, and just switched out the legends for those surrounding hell town. Boston Mills Ohio, might I add is a real place and the name hell town surrounding the area is very much real, as well a lot of the locations they spoke of in the film, and shot at, I have been to myself.

Now with that out of the way, I have to say that the movie has a very slow, almost unbearable pace. There were many times where I almost didn’t finish watching, because it just seemed like a bunch of kids doing random jackass style pranks, and getting stoned with their camcorder. Then I think to myself when I was that age and what my friends and I would of most likely done if we would of had a camera and it does paint a pretty accurate picture of a group of friends in that age group, growing up in a small boring town. So I pressed on, getting tidbits here and there of the many stories of the Boston Mills area, enough to keep me mildly interested.

Now the movie really doesn’t make all that much sense unless you stick around and make it to the end, and your reward for sitting through well over an hour of filler, and viva la bam meets ghost hunters footage, is a beautiful montage of realistic violence. The makeup was nothing expensive in fact I’d say this movie was shot with very little money, but it was real, and gritty. The sound effects during all of this are also very impressive, and give you that sense of realism you just can’t get with CGI. I have to admit after seeing the ending, and remembering the intro sequence, and all of what I thought was bullshit filler together in one package, it made me step back and say Wow. The end score may seem low after I raved about the ending, but when all is said and done, its hard to ignore the fact that I almost didn’t make it through the movie, and how uninteresting much of the movie really was. If you have nothing else to watch, give it a shot, but don’t bump it to the top of your to see list, there’s no need to hurry when it comes to June 9.

4/10 – Ritualistic