John Carpenter Retrospective: Assault on Podcast 13

Assault on Precint 13 as directed by the “Master of Horror” John Carpenter at first seems like a rather simple film, right? Evil bunch of mofos attack a police station in the middle of the L.A. It’s just that simple. And if that were the case than how do Jeff Konopka, Shawn Savage and Justin LaLiberty transform this quick action flick into a piece of cinema genius? You’ll have to listen to find out, but I assure you there’s more than meets the eye in this little picture from 1976.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the minutes of the podcast, let me say that on a personal note I feel very strongly about the score for this film. It’s Carpenter’s finest. That’s a bold statement when you throw it into the ring with Halloween or Chrstine, but I stand by that. I have entire movies that I have played with based around this score. It’s not hard to believe that one might drive around and listen to it in their car while planning their assault on McDonalds. That’s just my two cents.

On with the assault:

-Pick up the damn Blu Ray. The audio alone will make you realize that DVD is dead
-This just may be the first true Carpenter film. Dark Star does not feature classic Carpenter hallmarks.
-A deep discussion about the composition of synth based music in the 1970′s
-Is Carpenter truly a horror filmmaker and thus the “master of horror” or is he a genre filmmaker and as such “the master of genre”?
-When is killing a kid on a film with a shotgun exploitation? and
-Assault on Precint 13 is Rio Bravo in the ghetto (insert Elvis Song here)
-The budget AOP13 must have been similar to the calorie cutting technology used in Richard Simmons’ Deal A Meal Plan. It’s the only way they coud cut out expenses while getting the most of out of their celluloid.

The most important thing to take away from this dialogue between friends is that Assault on Precint 13 is a damn fine movie. It’s more than an action flick and it’s beyond the Carpenter you have grown to love. There’s plenty of good ol’ fashion spoilers so if you interested in keeping your disbelief suspended, see the movie before you listen.

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Listen to this week’s retrospective AOP13 HERE.

As an added bonus, please enjoy the sultry sounds of Assault on Housedub 13.



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