John Carpenter Retro: Ep 22 – Masters of Horrors Pro-Life (Leave Your Politics at the Door)

5021headdaWhen you hear a title like Pro-Life and know that the man behind the lens is John Carpenter what might you imagine you’re about to see? We know John’s a pretty political fella whose work features many a social criticisms and attacks the establishment as a whole quite often. Well, Pro-Life isn’t some half baked statement based on a political or religious belief. It’s a monster movie; a siege picture. Plain and simple. Once we all realize that, well, it’s time for the effects team to make with the latex and focus on some serious creature creation. The Master of Horror series featured quite a few truly excellent dark genre filmmakers who put together short movies to show on TV. Under one hour of movie and you are most likely going to be happy with Carpenter’s economic storytelling with feature actor, Ron Perlman giving us the creeps and performing the world’s first abortion on a man. There’s the gross out you deserve. There’s the plot twist you might not expect. It truly is a Carpenter film and unfortunately, the last one that embodies what it means to be a “Carpenter film”.

Favorite scene for me (other than the aforementioned abortion)… guy gets his head blown off via gunshot wound only it’s full of gushing beautiful splatter and even uses tolerable CG to show his cranium missing a third of it’s mass.  Viva la Gore! It set the tone for the film. Outlandish. Over the top. Effect driven. Leave your politics or religion at the door and wait for the surprise.

Remember, there are definitely spoilers. No plot will be spared. Either watch the movie before you listen to the podcast or listen to the podcast and avoid the suffering that might happen if you should actually watch the movie.

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About Jimmy Terror

Dr. Jimmy Terror, more commonly known as James P. Harris, has been “writing your eyes” shut since 2010 with his horror themed blog, Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors (whose name is a play on words derived from the Amicus film, Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors). In the early 2000’s he fronted the band The Vaudeville Vampires, a short-lived "Horrorabilly" band which saw the creation of a catalog of horror related songs before disbanding (with only one, six song demo ever being produced and distributed). He has had only one on screen appearance to date in the horror short, Ocean Parkway, as maniacal, gloved killer with a hair fetish. Having done some un-credited, behind the scenes work in some low budget genre pictures, he is currently working on his first foray into screenwriting with a demonic, retro gore entry that pays homage to Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento as well as other Italian masters of the genre.
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