John Carpenter Retro: Ep 18 – Escape from New York… PART 2

5021headdaThere was a time when Snake Plissken just wasn’t that cool or at least a few cult followers of the up and coming John Carpenter rallied around the bad ass, anti-her with one eye, a pile of catch phrases and one liners and a film about saving the president of the United States (or really it’s about fighting Isaac Hayes). Let it be known that I am a fan of Escape from New York. If you have a bad word to say about it I’m afraid you’ll lose my ear immediately and you can pretty much talk to a wall. Escape from L.A. on the other hand is not a perfect movie or at least not as perfect as Escape from New York which isn’t exactly perfect, but, like I said before, no negative comments about the post-apocalyptic world of Snake or the Duke. That brings us to today’s fine feathered podcast where Jeff Konopka and I discuss the sequel to the John Carpenter classic as done by the great JC himself. The one think I will say about this movie… at least John Carpenter made it and not some other schmuck.

There’s plenty to enjoy about this classic popcorn movie, and it’s up to you to find out if the Dead Air crew gets it right. Sound off. Let us know how you feel about this entry in the John Carpenter Retrospective series. Generally, we enjoyed it, recommend it and encourage you to check it out though keep your expectations in check. This is NOT Escape from New York Part 2 which is to say it isn’t the same caliber of classic sci-fi action flick. Still Kurt Russell does make a reappearance as Snake, and it have a rather robust list of A list cameos including Pam Grier… and that did it for me.

Remember, there are definitely spoilers. No plot will be spared. Either watch the movie before you listen to the podcast or listen to the podcast and avoid the suffering that might happen if you should actually watch the movie.

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    couldn’t agree more..she’ll eventually end up with the face that she deserves..and i don’t care how funny she is or how good her book is but she’s trashy and repulsive…that’s how she ended up with eddie who’s as equaly as repulsive and trashy