John Carpenter Retro: Ep 17 – Remake of the Damned

In this installment of the John Carpenter retrospective series Shawn and Jeff tackle what might be arguably the worst John Carpenter movie ever made (that would include Memoirs of an Invisible man even though Carpenter disowned it). Village of the Damned is just about the most hokey piece of overdramatic garbage. It feels very much like the Italian exploitation version of a great American action movie or at least the score feels that way. For those of you unfamiliar with the original, it was released in 1960 and has been seen as one of the pioneer horror movies in the “communists are coming” subgenre that flourished in the wake of McCarthyism and has been a fan favorite to this day (although in recent years it has been relinquished to cult status). The remake starring Mark Hamil, Kirstie Alley and Cristopher Reeve is far from a serious effort. The casting appear to have been done on the “Where are they now?” couch in the early days of reality television and perhaps might be considered to be one of the greatest jokes Holly-weird has ever told.

Perhaps a little Pepsi “trailer” challenge will help you out:



So the music resembles a bastardization of a John Carpenter score if somebody left the recording booth and let Moby play a practical joke. The acting resembles what you might expect from a Summer Stock performance on laughing gas. The ending, infamous for the rather effective brickwall block from the original film, feels like something out of an afternoon schedule. “They have one mind that they share between them”… the actors or the evil children?

Remember, there are definitely spoilers. No plot will be spared. Either watch the movie before you listen to the podcast or listen to the podcast and avoid the suffering that might happen if you should actually watch the movie.

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