Interview: Zach Green of Fatal Pictures

A few months ago I had the absolute pleasure of viewing Familiar, the new short film from Fatal Pictures. Familiar took me back to the era of Cronenberg and reminded me that directors don’t take chances on body-horror anymore. I mean, why not? Freudian horror is something that everyone has to experience (repression, sexual desires, YOUR MOTHER).

I was given the opportunity to talk to Zach Green, (co-owner of Fatal Pictures and producer of Familiar) and I asked him a few questions in regards to Familiar as well as his role behind the scenes.

Me:  Zach, state your role within Fatal Pictures.

Zach: My role in Fatal Pictures is being the acting Producer first and foremost; I did edit on Consumption & Worm. One half of the Canadian Film Production Company entitled FATAL PICTURES INC (

Say hello, everyone!

Me: Familiar calls back to some Cronenberg-ian themes with body horror and Freudian repression. What is your take on that?

Zach: When Richard was writing Familiar, David Cronenberg really wasn’t an influence. A lot of people make that similarity and I can understand why.

Me: You are based in Canada. Is there a certain way you view American horror? It’s OK, you can be mean if you want.

Zach: No I don’t look at American Horror any different than I look at Canadian horror. If it’s a good film, it’s a good film, regardless of the background of the filmmakers. But, again, I’m not the biggest horror fan, so I’m sorry if my answer sucks.

Me: What are you doing right now to get awareness for Fatal Pictures?

Zach: I am trying to get Familiar at as many Film Festivals as I can, as well as trying to get acclaim for the film. The internet has been a great tool.

Me: Are there any festivals you will be screening the film at?

Zach: Familiar had its World Premiere in Toronto via FANGORIA’S FRIGHT NIGHTS on March 2nd. The film played before the very controversial Japanese Film, Battle Royale. Later in March, it went on to screen at A NIGHT OF HORROR in Australia. It also went on at ChicagoFearFest April 13-14 where Familiar won BEST SHORT FILM, Texas Frightmare Weekend May 4, 5, 6, Dark Brides Film Festival May 3rd-6th, and Fantaspoa Film Festival thus far.

Me: What is the next step for Fatal Pictures? Will you go on to full-length films?

Zach: The next step for FP is currently promoting Familiar on the film festival circuit. Yes, we do plan to go onto full length films our upcoming feature film debut from Fatal Pictures will be entitled Worm.

Me: What made you decide that you wanted to be a producer rather than a director, writer, or actor?

Zach: Right now I only have an interest in being behind the scenes and hiring/finding the talent, crew, managing the budget, and promoting on the backend. That’s just where my main interest and strengths are and that’s where I succeed best as of now.  Not to say one day I won’t direct a film, I actually plan too.

Me: Do you feel like you are finally getting recognition as a company because of Familiar?

Zach: Well, I do feel Familiar is getting a great response thus far. Richard and I are very pleasured to see the film getting into great film festivals and getting some great critical acclaim. Not to mention the award Familiar just took at ChicagoFearFest 2012, for best short film.

Me: One of the biggest selling points for me in Familiar was the use of practical effects. Is that something you want to see more of in films?

Zach: I personally prefer practical effects to CGI. I know Richard is also a bigger fan of practical effects as well, but sometimes to make your day, it is faster and sometimes easier to do it in post. I do think the practical effects on Familiar were top notch. Big thanks to The Butcher Shop.

Me: Where can people find out more about Fatal Pictures and what you’re up too?

Zach: Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview with me. I greatly appreciate it. I urge everyone reading this to go over to The Fatal Pictures Official Website ( to get all the up to date news and content regarding Fatal Pictures. Please follow us on Twitter @FatalPictures as well!

Well, that’s it. Don’t forget to check out my review for Familiar and try to get your ass at one of their showings. Zach is a gentleman and his company deserves some love!

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