• Lonny Amendolea

    Sleepaway Camp II was definitely more over the top with the humor and gore (if you can call it that) than the first one was. Just a flat out stupid, cheesy movie that somehow completely kicked ass and totally blew away the first one. Although the ending of part one was great, the rest of it was kinda slow. The second one amped everything up and made it much more fun to watch. You could probably throw in Evil Dead II and/or Army Of Darkness as well. ED2 went over the top with gore, AoD went over the top with humor. Both of them were awesome in their own rights and have become cult classics because of it. Whenever you hear people talk about Evil Dead, they dont talk about the first one, they always talk about the sequels. Just my opinion.

  • Balding Celebrities

    What about the Human Centipede 2? One of the most mental sequels of all time, surely. Full of some absolutely classic scenes.

  • WhiteGoodman

    Gremlins 2 could easily sit atop this list. I know, I know it’s not a flat-out horror film, but it definitely has horror elements. It’s so wacky, so packed with in-jokes, so over-the-top and self-referential that you can’t help but love the absurdity of it all. I saw it 4 times in theatres opening weekend, and it’s been one of my favorite films ever since.