Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)

A homeless man played by Rutger Hauer wonders into a city over ran with crooked cops, sadistic murders, pedophiles, and much worse leading him to become a shotgun wielding vigilante that serves justice with no mercy in the 2011 gore filled revenge flick Hobo with a Shotgun directed by Jason Eisener.

Growing up I use to sneak and watch the most violent films I could get my hands on and I remember always holding the Death Wish series in heavy regard as one that pulled no punches when it came to real life evils and gritty violence. I have always been a huge fan of vigilante stories and Hobo with a Shotgun has breathed new life into the vigilante/revenge sub genre in a fashion that cannot be ignored. Witness the re-birth of gore infused street justice with a film that can be best described as Tromaville meets Death Wish, explicit violence and no holds barred revenge a must see for any fans of the genre.

The storyline of Hobo with a Shotgun is original enough to be interesting yet familiar enough to grab the attention of fans of old school edgy crime adventure flicks. Each and every character you come across in this film leaves a lasting impression, one of my favorite aspects of this flick is the way the buildup shows you just how terrible each of the city’s most notorious baddies are before they are eliminated. I have always felt that getting to know the bad guys and victims alike makes their deaths more memorable then when films simply toss in characters for a fragment of time just as an excuse for another body to be added to the death toll.

The chemistry between Hobo and Abby also really add to the overall story in a way I really enjoyed it really showcases the talent of the writers behind this film in their ability to create beauty in a setting that can only be described as a cesspool of filth and depravity. Hobo with a Shotgun is so much more than just your average revenge flick it also speaks the truth on many real life problems that we face today as a nation the blend of current politics into film has always been something I have enjoyed feeling that truth is more terrifying than fiction nine out of ten times.

Special effects wise you are presented with insane Tromaville style gore and buckets upon buckets of blood. From the minute this film started until the credits rolled I found myself jumping up and down on my couch and pointing to the screen every few moments in sadistic glee at the level of gore that was unfolding in front of my eyes. If you have the choice I recommend you view Hobo with a Shotgun in high definition for a beautiful canvas of blood and gore in crisp and eye catching Technicolor.

The year may have only just begun but Hobo with a Shotgun is going to be on many people’s best of lists when it comes to an end I have a feeling. Do yourself a favor and head to your local theatre if it is playing in your area if not Hobo with a Shotgun can also currently be viewed on many video on demand services such as Amazon on demand.

On behalf of The Liberal Dead I give Hobo with a Shotgun 10 out of 10 and cannot wait until this onslaught of awesome is released on Blu-ray so I can add it to my collection.