• Dan Clausen

    I spend my Summer with a tall glass of Arnold Palmer and/or sitting in front of my fan in the nude.

  • Bill Meacham

    Staying indoors with AC units on AND fans going!
    Cold water in the day time and cold beer at night !!

  • Stacy OBrien

    sitting in the AC @ home watching Horror Movies!!!!!!

  • Derek Shepard

    swimming a lot.

  • David C. Collins

    I drink a lot of Jim Beam. I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with beating the heat at all, but if I’m drunk enough…I don’t even notice how goddamn hot it is 🙂

  • Ronald Oliver

    I help stay cool by not being in the direct sunlight, dressing accordingly to the weather. And I stay hydrated with enough water and other beverages. Lastly, I take advantage of our air-conditioner (in our bedroom), water-cooler (in our living room) and also a fan.

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  • http://heavenztrash.blogspot.com Wil

    I’m trying my best to see if I can’t give my air conditioner a heart attack as it’s gone over 100 here twice in the last month. Hot even by humid Louisiana standards. Other than that, lots of water and keeping indoors in front of the TV as much as possible! haha

  • John

    I’m staying cool by sitting in air conditioning, watching horror movies on my hd tv! Either that or sitting in an air conditioned theater watching some of the new movies like Capt America, Cowboys & Aliens, Thor, etc. 🙂

  • Dameon

    i just sit on a bowl of ice with a hole in my sweatpants to let my balls dip in

  • Nick

    I keep cool during the summer heat by sticking Popsicles up my ass….and A/C of course.