The Gate remake still alive and well and in 3D

It looks like one of my all time favorite movies growing up is getting a remake, inside me causing an instant love hate type feeling. While the remake for “The Gate” sounds promising there is always that chance it will be total garbage as well, after all I was pretty excited for the “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake and let’s face it that turned out to be garbage on a hot summer afternoon.

The fact this is not your typical Hollywood push it out of the door as fast as possible film but instead a indie production directed by Alex Winter, yes ladies and gents Bill S. Preston Esquire from Bill & Ted is directing the 3D remake of “The Gate”, excellent! *air guitar solo* or at least I hope that is how it all pans out in the end as this is a movie I hold in very high regards lets hope Alex does it justice.

Alex Winter says “There’s a lot of confusion out there about the status of The Gate 3D and I just wanted to set the record straight in a super clear way. Here’s the deal on the Gate 3D. We were all set to shoot last year: crewed up and digging into our locations, casting, etc. We had a hiccup in closing some of the deals and the producers had to hit pause. It’s fairly common knowledge that the film biz, like a lot of biz, is in a wobbly state at the moment, and especially the indie film world. The very thing that makes this project great, namely that we are an indie and can build a unique animal, as opposed to a factory-made pile of poo, is the very thing that is making all of this take so much time. So yes, we are working on the movie, yes we are close to going, and no, unfortunately I do not have a set start-date yet. Like a lot of movies right now we are neither going nor dead. I will send out a very definitive statement when one of those two states of being becomes a hard reality. Meantime, please bear with us. We intend to make the movie, and to make it great.”

It’s good to know they are taking their time and putting honesty effect into creating a great film, more Hollywood studios should take note of this method instead of pushing remakes out the door at break neck speeds full of CG effects and poorly written scripts. And for the record “The Gate” is going the practical effects direction from what I understand a big plus right out of the gate in my book.

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