Every Town Has Its Secrets: A Review Of ‘Madison County’

Welcome to Madison County, a quiet close knit town up in the middle of nowhere. Just like any small town, Madison County has its own hometown legend. In the case of this town it is a ruthless serial killer of approximately 33 victims that to this day has still never been caught. ‘Madison County’ is eerie, entertaining and an all around good time. I would say this is a perfect example of a true horror masterpiece achieved with a minimal budget, once again proving you can still make a truly remarkable film without a Hollywood budget.

The story begins with a group of kids venturing out on a road trip to the infamous Madison County in order for James (Colley Bailey of Donner Pass) to interview the author of a tell all book regarding Madison County’s history which he is doing his thesis on. When they arrive in Madison County they find that the entire town will not speak of the man they are seeking, as well as deny the existence of Damian completely, claiming him to be nothing more than merely a fictional character conceived by the imaginative mind of the books author. Refusing to believe what they have been told by the townspeople they decide to venture into the town further in search of the author and the truth behind the legend of Damian.

First off, let me say that I found this to be a truly remarkable feature film debut by Eric England. The film has depth, emotion, and an overall creepy undertone that keeps you the in perfect state of mind to veer throughout the kids’ journey into the heart of this town and its deadliest secret. The cast of mostly unknowns also do a remarkable job for the most part. I find it a rare treat when you actually feel for the characters in a horror film, as it is quite often not the case in this type of film. I found myself actually being upset when characters would be killed which really brings a unique vibe to the storytelling process that is often completely absent in the slasher genre. The one known star of the movie is Nick Principe, who many probably know as the technologically savvy killer Chromeskull of the ‘Laid To Rest’ film series. He naturally plays the ever creepy Damian, eerily equipped with a giant pig’s head and tattered overalls.

Everything about this movie I felt was done exceptionally well, from the score of the film, the grainy film style, and just the overlying creepiness accompanying the film throughout. Considering the budget of the film was apparently only $70,000 I think this is truly a remarkable contribution to the low budget slasher genre and will hopefully be used over time as a comparison to what can be accomplished with a limited budget and no name cast when you really put your heart into it. I highly recommend everyone take a trip down to ‘Madison County.’

‘Madison County’ will be released on DVD via IMAGE Entertainment on May 8!




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