The Evergreen Full Moon Gift Card Offer Just In Time For Christmas

CHARLES BAND and Full Moon 3-D present
a truly unique concept in gift giving:
The Evergreen Full Moon Gift Card Offer

Charles Band is proud to announce the introduction of a gift card worth 3 times its initial value. The gift card is part of a promotion designed to help Full Moon Features with the much higher costs involved in filming their latest feature film,

Evil Bong 3D – The Wrath of Bong, scheduled for release on April 20, 2011 (National Pot Day) in select cities. In addition to 3-D the film will also be in “Sniff-O-Rama” as movie goers will be handed scratch and sniff cards to further enhance this unique experience

The Gift Card, entitled The Evergreen Gift Card costs $200 and entitles the holder to $200 worth of Full Moon merchandise every year for 3 years. It automatically renews itself at the end of the year at no extra cost, enabling the buyer to come back each year and buy more merchandise($200 in 2011, $200 in 2012 & $200 in 2013!). A total value of

$600 in Full Moon merchandise, DVD’s, collectibles purchased at for the initial price of just $200.

In addition, Evergreen card holders will receive a limited edition 11×17″ Evil Bong 3D poster signed by the entire cast PLUS an on-screen Executive Producer credit. This offer is limited to 900 Gift cards. The card itself is a hard plastic credit card with the image of Blade from the Puppetmaster movies on it and considered a collectible. Fans of Charles Band’s films can take their pick of Full Moon merchandise and know that being an Evergreen Gift card holder makes them an integral part of the film making process – plus additional surprises and contests will be announced in the coming months and will only be available to the cardholders. It’s understood that making an independent feature film, especially in 3D, is a big financial challenge. Offering this gift card to the fans will benefit the fans and enable Full Moon to make this new film as entertaining and hilarious as possible.