Dr. Dale’s Zombie Dictionary The A-Z Guide To Staying Alive (2010) Book Review by: Ted “Ritualistic” Brown

Do you often find yourself worried about how you would handle yourself during an zombie apocalypse? Are you afraid one day the dead shall reanimate and start eating loved ones like human finger sandwiches? Well then I have just the product for you! Dr Dale’s “Zombie Dictionary The A-Z Guide To Staying Alive” will assure the safety of yourself and those who you hold close. Dr Dale will give you a crash course in zombie 101 that you will not soon forget, be prepared and not a victim when the dead come knocking on your door!

With a lot of zombie media flooding the market these days it can be easy to overlook some really cool zombie related material such as, Dr Dale’s “Zombie Dictionary The A-Z Guide To Staying Alive” which is must have for any collector of zombie swag, it is filled with tons of information on the flesh eating horde we have all grown to love and also many survival techniques and tips for living as long as possible once the dead rise and start eating the living.

I personally had a blast reading this book and while it is for the sake of humor and there is a lot of humor used within its pages, it also has some really good tips for surviving the zombie onslaught, one of my favorite being the description of a mine that is located in Pennsylvania that would be one of the best places to house a commune of human survivals for an extended period of time. I also absolutely loved the section on your run of the meal human stupidity, warning of such things as not screaming “Hello” randomly after hearing a noise then proceed to walk towards its location screaming “Hello” as to say here I am Mr. Zombie, come feed on my brains it’s ok I don’t mind.

The art work that is scattered throughout the book, is also really well done and amusing, there were many illustrations that put a smile on my face for a very long time, my personal favorite involving a Kangaroo. A lot of the pictures are so cleaver they would be tattoo worthy, for any of you walking dead fanatics looking for some ideas.

Everything from aardvarks to zoos are covered in this well written and informative book, after you finish Dr. Dale’s “Zombie Dictionary the A-Z Guide to Staying Alive” you will be on your way to a PHD in zombie relations and survival studies.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and it truly is the A-Z of everything zombie, this would make a great gift both for the zombie expert in your life or for the aspiring zombie newbie to read for knowledge of the walking dead.

On behalf of The Liberal Dead I give Dr. Dale’s “Zombie Dictionary The A-Z Guide To Staying Alive” a well deserved 8 out of 10 and recommend it to any zombie fan as a must read.


– Ted “Ritualistic” Brown